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WooHoo Wednesday!

WooHoo Wednesday!
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WOOOHOOO WEDNESDAY! 🙂 I know you have questions and the best way to find out the answers is by reading through the info on this site. I know it’s a lot, I know you want answers right away and for that very reason we continue to compile info to help you on your BMT journey.
Grad packet? Maps? Weather? Schedules? Lodging? Shirt color? There are so many questions about graduation weekend! These questions and oh so much more are answered below!! It’s WoooHooo Wednesday and here is the schedule of events as well as some maps for BMT Grad Weekend along with lots of helpful info to help prepare you for grad weekend.

This info is for EVERYONE whether you are heading to grad weekend this weekend, your Trainee just arrived last night or you are somewhere in between! We are so glad that have allowed us to join you on your BMT journey. Now that you have we kindly ask that you commit to reading the information provided here as well as the info on this website.
We have an event created for each weeks graduation. Here’s the link to all the graduation events: https://www.facebook.com/AFWingMoms/events