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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Tutor Your Recruiter – Tuesday!

Tutor Your Recruiter – Tuesday!
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Happy Tuesday y’all!! Today is ‘TUTOR YOUR RECRUITER’ Day in AFWM land!! We have an estimated 700 Trainees entering BMT that have made the unselfish commitment to serve our country with honor and integrity. They have given themselves to protect us, our freedom and our country. The journey to becoming an Airman in the WORLD’S BEST AIR FORCE began when your Trainee entered his/her Recruiter’s office.

We are very fortunate here at AFWM to have the knowledge of this facebook page for PS&E (Positive Support and Encouragement) during this emotionally challenging journey. Imagine how many other families and loved ones of future Airmen we could touch and provide with PS&E if we could reach them ALL!!! If our Trainee’s journey began with a Recruiter, than we need to begin there as well to reach those loved ones that just may need that extra (((hug))) or that fellowship with others that understand the rampant emotions they are feeling! PLEASE take the time to contact your local AF Recruiters office either by phone/email/flyer/facebook and tell them how AF Wingmoms’ Facebook page has helped us through BMT with all of the PS&E and all of the information provided for us. We need to live by the AF CODE as well….. Integrity First, Service before Self and Excellence in all we do!!! So lets follow the CODE… Ask your Recruiters to ‘like’ our AFWM facebook page and share with all of the new Recruits and their families. We have a lot of Loved Ones to reach!!! AIM HIGH!!
(((hugs))) ♥ lisa