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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Weather in San Antonio

Weather in San Antonio
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They joke in Texas you can have allnthe seasons in a week! Generally soeaking though, Texas summers are HOT!  The key is staying hydrated at all times.  Make sure to bring water with you to all the events and when you are out sightseeing with your Airman.  July is typically the hottest month.

Texas does have mild winters compared to other parts of the country – but it still gets cold. The high might be listed as 76 – but it’s not going to get to that temperature until around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Most of the BMT events are outside and in the early morning when it is still really cold. Many people were caught by surprised and were wearing ‘summer’ clothes and freezing. Your best bet is to dress in layers so you’ll be warm in the morning and can be comfortable when walking around Base in the afternoon.

Continuous weather broadcasts can be heard over NOAA Weather Radio, “The Voice of the National Weather Service” and “The Radio for all Seasons,” at 162.550 MHz.

Source: VisitSanAntonio.com

What if it rains?

They have plans in place to hold the Coin Ceremony under the drill pad at their Squadron (TRS) if it rains hard. The Airman’s Run has been cancelled a few times and they have raincoats for the grad Ceremony on Friday (unless it is a downpour, then under their TRS drill pad again). They will announce at the briefings of changes.

What do I wear to graduation?

Dress is weather appropriate and comfortable.

Use the table below as a guide and you can go online to www.weather.com before your visit to get the extended forecast for the time period you will be arriving.

     Climate Conditions
Daily                                           Average.                                           Maximum Daily                                           Average                                           Minimum Average                                           Rainfall
                        Visit www.weather.com  for local San Antonio conditions Jan 62.3 41.6 1.66
Feb 66.1 44.7 2.06
Mar 72.4 49.6 1.54
Apr 78.8 57.6 2.54
May 85.2 65.4 3.07
Jun 91.6 72.2 2.79
Jul 95.6 73.9 1.69
Aug 95.9 73.4 2.41
Sept 89.8 68.8 3.71
Oct 81.1 59.2 2.84
Nov 71.1 48.2 1.77
Dec 64.6 41.8 1.46