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San Antonio/Lackland Travel Overview

San Antonio/Lackland Travel Overview
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BMT Ceremony Week Visitors are only permitted on Lackland during the last week of training on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday ONLY. Trainees are limited to 10 adult guests for Graduation weekend.  Click HERE for more information on getting into JBSA Lackland.

Our families have several options when it comes to making travel and lodging arrangements.

All BMT graduation ceremonies are held outdoors; therefore, visiting family members are urged to use caution/judgment while attending outdoor events and should prepare (i.e. dress appropriately, drinking plenty of fluids, use of sunscreen, etc…) to withstand varying temperatures (including extreme heat/cold/winds) if attending outdoor ceremonies.

Additionally, your Airman may experience delays in training due to unforeseen circumstances. When making travel arrangements, it is suggested that you purchase refundable/transferable tickets if possible.

Lackland AFB Family & Friends Graduation Program – Lackland AFB Family & Friends at www.bmtfamilytravel.com supports the Air Force community by offering the Family & Friends Graduation Program for families to make travel reservations for Graduation Weekend.  When your travel is booked through BMTfamilytravel.com the contribute a portion of all booking fees to the Lackland Air Force MWR Fund. The Air Force uses this fund for special programs and recreational activities for your Airman.

After clicking the link, use the links to the left on the website to view information about the Family & Friends program and book online, or call The Official BMT Family Travel Hotline at 1-855-676-4574 toll free.
Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Central
Holidays: Closed

Hotels – AFWM recommends that you use www.tripadvisor.com when researching hotels for your stay in Texas.  You can find out all hotel information at this site including reviews and recommendations.

Base Lodging information  There are 3 lodging hotels on base. This link contains the details you need.

Where to EatThere are many, many places to eat in San Antonio and just like the hotel reviews and recommendations most folks have differing views, opinions and experiences at the area restaurants. In an effort to help our AFWM family find the best place for them we are now recommending that you utilize a site such as YELP. Click here for a list of restaurants on base.

Stores on Base

Weather details, current conditions and forecast 

Dress – There is no dress code for the graduation events however we recommend that you dress for comfort.  T-shirts, modest shorts, capris, jeans, khaki’s etc., are all appropriate.  Remember you will be sitting in bleachers the majority of the time so comfort is key.

Transportation information (Bus, Train, Taxi, etc.)

Walking/Standing – there is LOT of ground to cover. You can drive on Base – but you will be surprised at how much walking you will do. Comfortable shoes are your friend. Even going to the Riverwalk – you’ll want to be in comfortable shoes. The pavement isn’t always even and there are parts blocked off for maintenance – so you’ll find yourself going up and down stairs quite a bit.  Lines at stores and restaurants on base will be long so be prepared to stand for long periods.

NOTE**** “San Antonio has banned handheld cell phone use by drivers.  Only hands-free devices are allowed when driving.  Councilman Mike Gallagher said he proposed the ban because police told him distracted driving is now “the major cause of accidents” in the city.” handsfreeinfo.com

Handicap and Wheelchair info

Things to do while in the San Antonio Area