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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Traveling to BMT Graduation With Small Children

Traveling to BMT Graduation With Small Children
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Texas Child Passenger Safety Information
• There is a Walgreens near the Valley Hi Gate if you need baby supplies
• There is a private room in the Bowling Center by Suzie’s Kitchen if you need some down time
• There is a nice park off of Kenley & Luke by the Gateway Villa
• There are no designated areas for breast-feeding, so plan accordingly.
• If you need a bottle warmed, ask at the Pfingston Reception Center if they will heat it for you in their microwave
• There are bathrooms located in the Pfingston Reception Center for your convenience
• Bring a small hand-held fan with mister during warmer months
• Bring a blanket! It will be needed in cooler months and can be used for a ‘picnic’ during warmer months while waiting for ceremonies to begin
• Bring plenty of snacks and fluids, especially in warmer months
• Bring small hand-held games and toys that will keep your little one occupied
• Strollers must be folded and stored under the bleachers
• Bring a small flag for your little one to wave for their Airman
• Please be respectful of those around you! We all know that little ones can get irritable and restless, but if it gets to the extreme, maybe spread out a blanket behind the bleachers and have some snacks or a little game of peek-a-boo!