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BMT Visitors Guide & Travel Tips

BMT Visitors Guide & Travel Tips
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Here are some travel tips for your visit to Lackland.

  • Please make hotel and transportation arrangements before you arrive.
  • Dress casually and comfortably for ceremonies held at Lackland Air Force Base.
  • Visitation is limited to the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of graduation week.
  • While off base, trainees are not allowed in off limits areas.
  • After base liberty or town pass, Airmen will be dropped off by their visitors at their respective squadron designated location. Visitors must not linger or get out of their vehicles in the parking lots, play loud music or disrupt squadron operations.
  • The speed limit while passing Airmen marching along the street is 10 miles per hour.
  • It is illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving a car on base.
  • All traffic must stop at 5 PM when the retreat is played over the loud speakers and must remain stopped while it plays.

Hearing Impaired: If hearing impaired, you may want to contact interpreter agencies in the San Antonio area for assistance (48 hours in advance) as such services are not provided by the base.

Training Weapons: When you come to Lackland AFB, you will notice trainees carrying trainer weapons. They have a blue stock and hand guard denoting training weapon. These training weapons are NOT capable of firing but are treated like real weapons for learning purposes.

JBSA Lackland’s Privately Owned Firearms and Concealed Carry Policy:  There are very strict rules to follow if you have a concealed carry permit or license to carry.  The easiest thing to do is leave your weapon at home or in your hotel safe.  However, if you plan to bring a firearm, you can read about the rules and what to do when you get to JBSA Lackland by clicking HERE.

GPS Address

Pfingston Reception Center (New BMT RC) 1800 Truemper St. Bldg 6330, Lackland AFB 78236

LUKE GATE 2602-2898 Luke Blvd, Lackland AFB, TX

VALLEY HI GATE 100 Valley Hi Drive, Lackland AFB, TX

Off Limits Areas and Establishments
The San Antonio Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board has placed establishments off-limits to help maintain the health, morale, and welfare of Armed Forces personnel. Your Airman may not visit these establishments and will know which ones they will not be able to service prior to town pass.

Visitor Background Checks
*** Due to DoD wide increased security measures, a background check must be accomplished on all family and friends of trainees attending Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT) graduation events. Prior to EAD, all recruits must complete the Visitor Access Request Letter and handcarry it with them to BMT. This will save training time, avoid processing delays, and prevent unnecessary travel expenses for family members denied access to Lackland AFB.

Visitors planning to attend BMT graduation week events are highly encouraged to purchase refundable/transferable tickets in the event they are denied access or in the event their recruit’s graduation date changes. Also, all guest(s) 18 years old and over must have a photo ID.

Recruits do not have to request access for anyone:

  1. With a valid DoD Card (e.g., common access card, retired military ID card) this card grants them access to the base.
  2. Under the age of 18 they may enter the base when escorted by an adult who is granted access.

Denial of Visitor Access:

A. All collected information is considered “law enforcement” sensitive and is not disclosed to nonlaw enforcement personnel. Some of the more common reasons individuals are denied installation access are:

    1. Currently on parole and/or probation
    2. Registered sex offender
    3. History of gang affiliation or extensive criminal history
    4. Identified on the Terrorist Watch list
    5. Currently have an active warrant
    6. Currently barred from any U.S. military installation
    7. Any felony conviction for murder, assault, sex offenses, etc.

B. The above list is not inclusive. Other situations may be discovered that warrant access denial. Refer any questions to Lackland AFB Police Services at Commercial (210) 6717255 or Email: 37SFS.PoliceServ@Lackland.AF.MIL.

Base Liberty: Base liberty is an earned privileged. It allows Airmen to visit most places on Lackland Air Force Base with their visitors during the graduation week.

IMPORTANT: Airmen may be restricted from visitors due to training requirements or disciplinary reasons. We strongly recommend you talk with your Airman about their schedule and see if they were granted base liberty. If they were not, they will be required to remain at the Reception Center for a limited time.

Town Pass: Town Pass is an earned privilege. It allows Airmen to visit the San Antonio area. Airmen normally receive town pass on Friday afternoon and on Saturday; however honor graduates and Airmen who achieve fitness excellence are granted an extra town pass on Sunday as well. Town pass, however, may be denied or shortened for disciplinary
or administrative reasons. If your Airman has mandatory appointments on Saturday morning, they will need to fulfill these military responsibilities first.

For local San Antonio Community Events, click the following links:
United Service Organization (USO)
802d Force Support Squadron (Leisure Activities on Lackland AFB)
San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
Visit San Antonio

Airmen Guidelines: All graduating Airmen have rules they must follow. For example, they must:

  • Remain in uniform at all times
  • Look sharp (impeccable military appearance)
  • Be sharp (demonstrate military professionalism)
  • Not use tobacco products
  • Not drink alcohol
  • Not drive a vehicle
  • Wear seat belts—as must ALL OCCUPANTS while in a moving vehicle
  • Not carry cell phones on their person
  • Not walk and talk into a cell phone at the same time
  • Not display inappropriate public affection (i.e. hand holding, long or lingering kisses, or compromising situations; they may hold young children’s hand and appropriately embrace loved ones)

Smoking on Base  – There are designated smoking areas on base.  While at the Pfingston Reception Center, the designated smoking area will be marked as such.  There are signs on base indicating where you may smoke.  Please follow these base rules and only smoke in designated areas.  Your Airman will be held responsible if you smoke in areas that it is not allowed.

Walking/Standing – there is LOT of ground to cover. You can drive on Base – but you will be surprised at how much walking you will do. Comfortable shoes are your friend. Even going to the Riverwalk – you’ll want to be in comfortable shoes. The pavement isn’t always even and there are parts blocked off for maintenance – so you’ll find yourself going up and down stairs quite a bit.  Lines at stores and restaurants on base will be long so be prepared to stand for long periods.

Dress – There is no dress code for the graduation events however we recommend that you dress for comfort.  T-shirts, modest shorts, capris, jeans, khaki’s etc., are all appropriate.  Remember you will be sitting in bleachers the majority of the time so comfort is key.