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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Base Lodging

Base Lodging
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Base Lodging – There are 3 lodging hotels on base, Gateway Villa , Gateway Inn and the Gateway Lodge.  Their primary function is to provide facilities for Active Duty Airmen, Reservists, PCS personnel and families however they are available to rent on a space available basis.  When BMT families are able to reserve a base hotel can fluctuate anywhere from a month to even days before graduation.  Active Duty military members on orders have priority, so you can be bumped from a room even if you reserve.  Air Force Inns usually tries to accommodate families when this happens, but have a back-up hotel in place to be safe.

    • Base lodging is convenient, especially for those days that Airman have base liberty only which is Thursday and Sunday (unless they earn an additional Town Pass for Honor FLT or Honor Grad).  Please note that your Airman MUST get permission to enter your hotel room.
    • Location on base:
      Gateway Villa is located near the intersection of Kenly Ave. and Larson.
      Gateway Inn is located near the intersection of Femoyer St. and Gary Ave.
      Gateway Lodge is located near the intersection of Selfridge Ave. and Craw St.

For Reservation information call (210) 671-3622

  • Reservations –  You are only allowed to stay on base at the times when you base pass is valid which is checking in on Thursday and checking out Sunday morning by 11am. However, Check with Lodging- They are able to Sponser additional nights.  You just have to set that up with them in advance.  Once again, the time that you are allowed to make reservations in advance can vary due to the season and how many anticipated military members will be needing accommodations.  You are able to make reservations for the dates that your base passes are valid unless you have a Military I/DoD (Department of Defense) card or have set-up arrangements with the hotel to sponsor you.  The rooms are very economically priced ranging from $35-$60 per night.  You can expect a nice, clean room but nothing overly fancy.  You can try to request a certain hotel on base but are not guaranteed as they assign according to how many people will be staying in the room.  Also keep in mind some of the accommodations include a shared bathroom.  You will have a sink and a mirror in your room but will share the shower and toilet.