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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT


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If your trainee is going to be at BMT during election time and they would still like to exercise their right to vote they will need to follow their state’s specific absentee voting guidelines. More info can be found here:




JBSA San Antonio Installation Voting Assistance Program

Lackland Voting Assistant Program Hotline: 210-671-2233


Federal Voting Assistance Program (includes information for individual states)

When should I register to vote?
Whether you want to register to vote right here in San Antonio OR vote absentee in another state, the time to start registering is RIGHT NOW!

Where is my Legal Residence?
Your legal residence can be the state or territory where you last resided prior to entering military service. To claim a new legal residence you must have simultaneous physical presence and the intent to remain a permanent resident. To demonstrate intent: register to vote, register a car, qualify for in-state tuition, obtain a driver’s license, buy property, etc….
Military and their family members may change their legal residence every time they PCS or maintain their previous legal residence. Family members may have a different legal residence than the active duty member. You may claim residency in your current location even if you do not have formal ties such as property ownership
Once a state residence is changed, a person may NOT revert to the previous residence without reestablishing a physical presence and the intent to remain or return as a permanent resident. “Home of Record” should NOT be confused with “Legal Residence”

How do I Register to Vote in San Antonio?
Go to www.sos.state.tx.us and click on “Request a Voter Registration Application.” All instructions and forms you need are available on-line. Fill out the registration form and mail or take it to your county Voter Registration Office.

I want to Vote in Absentee…How?
Complete and mail the Federal Post Card Application Form (SF-76), available on-line at http://www.fvap.gov/, to your STATE of LEGAL RESIDENCE. The SF-76 must be filled out completely and signed. Some states require notarization and other forms provided by your voting representative. A Local Election Official approves your registration request or asks for more information. An Absentee Ballot will be mailed to you. Complete it and mail it back before your state deadline.

What are my state requirements and deadlines?
Each state has its own set of rules. Go to the Voter’s Assistance Guide at http://www.fvap.gov or ask your Squadron Voting Rep.

I registered to vote…but did not receive an absentee ballot before Election Day! Now what?
The SF 186 is used to vote for federal offices in general elections when ballots are not received in time. You still have to submit the absentee ballot once you receive it in the mail. The form and all state-specific rules are available on-line at http://www.fvap.gov or through your voting representative.

What 10 things can I do to help ensure my absentee vote is counted?
– Start by contacting your Voting Assistance Rep
– Visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program’s website at www.fvap.gov
– Ensure that you have applied for your absentee ballot using the hard copy or on-line versions of the SF-76
– Make sure your local election official has your current mailing address
– Sign and date all election materials
– Fulfill your state’s witness/notary requirements (if required)
– Ensure that your ballot, SF-76 and/or SF-186 is postmarked by the deadline
– Register to vote and request your ballot in a timely manner – no later than September
– Use the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (SF-186) if you are overseas and your state absentee ballot does not arrive in time to meet the deadline

What if I am Deploying?
Find out state deadlines for registering and voting. Mail the SF-76 prior to your deployment. Take 2 copies of the SF-76 with you; resend the form with the address of the deployed location in order to receive your absentee ballot.

Still have questions?
Contact your Lackland Voting Assistance Hotline at 210-671-2233 or email: lackland.vote@us.af.mil