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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Trainee’s Address Format

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Here is the template that we suggest you copy down so when your trainee calls you can just fill in the blanks. Please prepare yourself mentally for the call as there is not time to chat and your trainee may seem very stressed or emotional. Rest assured it does get better and we’re here to help.

If for whatever reason you do not get the info (maybe it was too loud or your trainee just didn’t give the address) please do NOT panic. If your trainee calls to let you know that they arrived and that they’d be calling back later with an address please do NOT panic when the call doesn’t come.  And remember what we said above, calls can come at ANY time, on ANY day and from ANY number so ALWAYS be prepared and “no news is good news” during BMT.

**As of December 2014, BMT will no longer be sending/confirming Trainee Addresses due to security concerns.  You will need to wait for the initial phone call or the postcard the Trainee will mail home.


All the ‎#s will be numbers given to you by your trainee. Again, the call is scripted, short and often emotional. Be prepared to just fill in the blanks.

AB Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial

# # # TRS / FLT # # # (Dorm #”Letter”-#) or (Dorm “Letter”-#)

1320 Truemper Street Unit 36 # # # #

JBSA Lackland AFB, TX 78236-# # # # (zip extension)

So here’s an example of what it looks like “filled” in:

AB Doe, John R
326 TRS/FLT 620 (Dorm B3)
1320 Truemper Street Unit 361006
JBSA Lackland AFB, TX 78236-5570

Don’t worry if the zip+4 extension is different. The PSC (Postal Service Center) is great at getting the mail to the trainees.

Once your trainee arrives and you receive the address info please head over to Facebook and post on the main wall the TRS/FLT so that we can create the new TRS DG’s for you to be able to connect with other family and friends who are in the same TRS/FLT as your loved one. We usually have them complete, linked and posted by Thursday or Friday. We also periodically make a post with all the TRS DG links and invite you to comment there if you are waiting to be approved. You are usually approved within a day or two.