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Trainee Rules of Conduct

Trainee Rules of Conduct
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TRAINEE RULES OF CONDUCT (keep in mind for Airmen on town pass)






  • Purchasing, possessing or consuming any alcoholic beverage.
  • Purchasing, possessing or using any tobacco products.
  • Purchasing, possessing or using any over the counter medication/supplements not prescribed or cleared by a military medical doctor.
  • Purchasing, possessing or inhaling aerosol products. They are strictly prohibited and they are not allowed to purchase them while attending BMT.
  • Purchasing or possessing any obscene or pornographic material.
  • Taking any food items into the dormitory.
  • Operating any motor vehicle.
  • Going off base, except for approved town pass and officially approved duty.
    Wearing civilian clothing. They must remain in uniform at all times to include town pass. Swimming at local hotels and theme parks is prohibited.
  • Visiting the Inns of Lackland, base lodging facilities or bases housing unless family members reside in these accommodations during graduation liberty/town pass.
  • They must receive squadron leadership approval prior to visiting these locations.
  • Engaging in public displays of affection (PDA); i.e., kissing, holding hands, hugging, walking arm-in-arm (escorting), since it detracts from the professionalism and standards of conduct expected from military members while in uniform. While avoiding PDA is the expected custom of all military members, there are some brief exceptions. A “brief” display of affection, such as a hug or kiss at homecomings, deployments and graduations are acceptable with moderation and respect.
  • Until they depart BMT they will held accountable for all of the “Trainee Rules of Conduct.”  The ones not included are for the “training environment” activities. These are the most important rules to follow while on Town Pass or Base Liberty. Enjoy your time and keep the rules in mind when with your Airmen.