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Shirts & Merchandise

Shirts & Merchandise
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Something that many people have done for their Airman is to have a shirt made to support them as they run in the Airman’s Run. While most choose to wear their shirts on Thursday for the Airman’s Run and Coin Ceremony, shirts can also be worn to the Graduation Parade as well as throughout the weekend.

For more information on the Airman’s Run click here.

The official Squadron shirts (same as the ones the Airmen will wear during the Airmen’s Run) are produced by The Lackland Shirt Shop. Please be sure and use the coupon code AFWM10 to receive 5% off of your order!

Your Airman’s flight most likely had Flight shirts made (with their TRS/FLT logo) that can be purchased online through Lackland Shirt Shop or at their store in the mini mall on base. The back of the shirt includes all the Airmen’s last names in the flight, the leaders, and a cool AF logo designed by the flight! If you didn’t have any special shirts made for graduation, extras are printed in all sorts of sizes, for families able to purchase them. They are about $23 each. Once they run out though they are gone.

Each TRS has a different shirt color for the Airman’s Run. Over the past year we’ve seen the shirt color change so if wearing a shirt the same color as your Airman is very important to you please understand the only way to verify what the correct color is would be to ask your Airman. We are not informed of if and when a shirt color may change.

320 TRS- Red t-shirt
321 TRS- Gray t-shirt
322 TRS- Royal Blue or Yellow Gold t-shirt
323 TRS- Maroon t-shirt
324 TRS- Military Green (a.k.a olive drab) or Dark Purple t-shirt
331 TRS- Black t-shirt

FYI: When making shirts for your own use (such as wearing to the Airman’s Run etc.) you may use the AF logo/symbol. When making them for resale you are not allowed to use the AF logo/symbol. Here’s the link to the website page that talks about the USE OF THE AF LOGO.


We now have a partnership with AirmenFamilies.com and are offering official AFWM merchandise through them and they also sell customizable TRS shirts*A portion of all proceeds from sales in this store goes to AFWM to further our mission of Positive Support and Encouragement for our Airmen and their families! *

Click here for Facebook photo album of Shirts!