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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Photos & Videos

Photos & Videos
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Basic Video Productions/Basic Training Store
7818 Fortune Drive
San Antonio, TX 78250

Email: cs@basicvideoproductions.com
Phone: 210.695.4979
Fax: 210.272.0294
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BVP takes the photos during training and the first photo in their blues (known as the “trainee photo”). You will need to contact them, at the above listed number, for more information.

Keep in mind your trainee will most likely buy the discounted photo pkg when they have their blues photo taken in WOT 4, so you may want to check with your trainee before making a large purchase.  You can always purchase more at graduation or even after graduation.

If you would like a ‘sneak peek’ sent to you of your Trainee’s Dress Blues photos you can order a Photo Button! Please contact BVP
for details on how to place your order! Email cs@basictrainingstore.com for further information. NOTE: You order all photos/videos/buttons, etc “sight unseen.”  That means no previews or proofs are online.