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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Packing List for Trainee

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What do you bring to Basic Military Training? Not much other than yourself and the necessary  items listed below. Anything you bring that is inappropriate for Basic Military Training, will be confiscated and returned to you after graduation.

During in-processing trainees are issued a backpack upon arrival as part of the Backpack Initiative which will have the below items provided. Trainee’s pay for the backpacks out of their initial clothing allowance.  The backpacks are provided to make the process smoother. Trainees will be able to purchase any additional items needed during their flights initial shopping run at the Base Exchange (BX) upon arrival.


Backpack initiative –w/ backpack: $165 -$177 (deducted from $400 pay advance).
(1) Laundry bag -$ 7.30 (4) Mesh Bags -$ 15.96 (1) Pad Lock -$ 3.95 (2) Writing Pens – $1.30 (2) Black Sharpies -$ 1.89 (4) Brown Towels -$ 10.00 (4) Blousing straps -$ 2.00 (1) Flashlight -$ 9.30 (1) ID card Holder -$ 5.25 (1) Toothbrush -$ 0.79 (1) Toothpaste $ 2.49 (1) Toothbrush Case -$ 1.35 (1) Dental Floss -$ 0.99 (1) Foot Powder -$ 2.90 (1) Deodorant -$ 2.89 (1) Laundry Detergent -$ 4.45 (1) BX Trash Bags -$ 1.79 (1) Nail Trimming Kit -$ 3.99 (1) Canteen -$ 3.40 (1) Storage Container -$ 5.99 (1) Backpack -$ 44.85 (1) Reflective belt -$ 5.95 (2) Silver Sharpie -$ 2.99 (1) Ruler -$ 0.29 (1) Highlighters -$ 1.99 (1) Note Pad -$ 0.99 (1) BK Stamps -$ 9.80 (1) BX Envelopes -$ 1.29 (1) “3 in 1” Soap -$ 2.95 (1) Shower Shoes -$ 1.10 Backpack initiative –w/ backpack: $165 – $177

NOTE: This is due to availability of products listed above. If an item is unavailable, PRC staff will provide a list of those items that will be picked up at the flights Initial BX Run. The cost maybe higher/lower based on product name.  If you have any further questions you may contact your local recruiters for further information and guidance.

Packing List: The listing below are to ensure all new recruiters entering US Air Force BMT have proper items to minimize the possibility of interruptions in processing/training.

Items for all BMT recruits:
1. Pre-addressed envelopes (ensure full address and name is correct (personal/legal size)).
2. List of all important contacts (i.e. mother, father, spouse, significant other) to include full LEGAL name, address and contact phone number (hand carry on route to BMT, identify as previously completed to Air Force personnel).
3. Completed VARL (Visitor Access Request Letter). Must be completed and signed by RECRUIT, not recruiter, with all required information to ensure ample time for background checks for graduation event attendees. Failure to complete fully and correctly WILL hinder guests from attending graduation ceremonies.
4. 120 minute phone card.
5. Cash (in case of pay issues; recommend $20.00).
6. Social Security Card (to include members/spouse/children).
7. Driver’s license OR state issued numbered picture ID/Military dependent ID.
8. Birth certificate (certified).
9. Marriage Certificate – must be filed and recorded with file number and seal (certified).
10. Copy of legal spouse’s birth certificate (certified).
11. Copy of legal spouse’s driver’s license or state issued numbered picture ID (certified, must be in color with visible picture, cannot be expired or within 30 days of expiration).
12. Copy of children’s birth certificate (certified).
13. College/ROTC/Civil Air Patrol transcripts or any advance rank documents.
14. Alien card/naturalization certificate.
15. Stationary
16. Debit card with recommended $100.00 available
17. Bank statement with account number and routing number (voided check is no longer acceptable, failure to bring this item will result in military pay issues).
18.Ensure clothing worn to/taken to BMT is of good taste and relevant to temperatures current to the JBSA Lackland area. 3 changes of clothes is recommended for Week ZERO (arrival week) of training.
19. The Airmen not attending Tech Training at Lackland/Ft Sam are leaving in civilian clothes. Therefore, a nice shirt (button/collar) and a pair of slacks is the recommended attire. Complete (i.e. top, bottoms, belt, shoes, jacket) set of business casual attire (i.e. collard polo type shirt, slacks. No shorts, hoodies holes in pants and skirts. Shoes must be closed toe).
20. ALL DOCTOR PRESCRIBED medications currently taking with prescriptions (to include birth control) must be in original packaging. Note: Birth Control is typically the only prescription which may be brought to Basic Training. However, under circumstances where a Trainee is taking approved medication, he/she may bring it with them to Basic Training. When approved they must bring with them the medication in its original container, and the prescription if available.

Items for female recruits:
1. Black or white undergarments only (athletic and non- athletic, 6 pairs each) .
2. Ensure hairstyle/color is NATURAL and in accordance with AFI 36-2903 (those not in compliance with the Air Force regulation will be corrected at the RECRUIT’S expense).
3. Hair ties and hair pins/clips of same natural hair color.
4. Feminine products.
5. Conservative make-up.
6. NO acrylic or fake/false nails of any kind.

Items for Male recruits:
1. All necessary shaving equipment (no electric razors, fully disposable are encouraged).D. Items for Special Tactics candidates (Combat Control, Para-rescue, TACP, Special Operations Weather): 1. (1) pair sports swim goggles.
2. (2) pair athletic swim trunks (male)/swimsuit (female).

Items for recruits applying for US Citizenship:
1. Completed N-400 Application (make sure to sign and date page 18/part 12 and do not to further unless needed).
2. N-426 (completed and signed by Commanding Officer/or Designated Representative the bottom of the form (Commander/Operations Commander).
3. Form G-1145 (recommended).
4. Copy of military ID (once available).
5. Copy of Alien Registration Card (front & back/I-94 with passport).
6. Fingerprint receipt/form.
7. COPY of any pertinent documents * (marriage certificates, divorce decrees, birth certificates).
8. If arrested within the last year (one year from date sending in paperwork) you MUST provide certified copies of the police and court documents.
9. (2) Passport style photos (must be provided by interview time. They are required).

Optional (highly encouraged items):
1. (5) pairs spandex undergarments (dark blue or black only).

Additional notes:
1. NO travel size toiletries.
2. NO retractable “clicker” writing utensils.
3. NO aerosol products.
4. NO smart watches.
5. NO electronic face exfoliators.
6. NO items containing alcohol (to include face wash, mouth wash, shaving products, etc.).
7. NO over the counter medications, supplements, food or beverages.
8. Contact lenses are extremely hard to care for in the BMT environment and will only be worn until military issued glasses are distributed. It is preferred and recommended that recruits bring glasses with hard case and current prescription to BMT.
9. All recruits are to ensure they bring their cellular phone with a working charger. Ensure the phone will be available for use throughout the entirety of BMT (i.e. bill paid, minutes purchased, auto-payment set).
10. All additional electronic devices/high value items (i.e. Beats, designer glasses, jewelry, designer clothing, etc.) other than primary cellular device will be stored in civilian luggage closet, in side recruit’s civilian bag, stacked with baggage of other flight members. It is recommended no additional electronic devices/high value items are brought until Technical Training School to prevent damage which will be at the recruit’s expense.