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Mascots & Mottos

Mascots & Mottos
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Here’s a link to our photo album with some examples of the mascots etc.

Here’s a link to some squad emblems.

Currently Active TRS are listed below.  Over time some of the TRS have retired – most recently the 326th (Bulldogs).

320 TRS
Mascot: Gators
Motto: You Can’t Stop the Rock
Shirts: Red or Black

321 TRS
Mascot: Warthogs
Motto: Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way
Shirts: Dark Grey

322 TRS
Mascot: Eagles
Motto: Second to None
Shirt: Yellow or Gold and Royal Blue

323 TRS
Mascot: Mustangs
Motto: Anytime, Anyplace Mustangs
Shirts: Maroon

324 TRS
Mascot: Knights
Motto: Ready for Battle
Shirts: Dark Purple or Military Green

331 TRS
Mascot: Wolfpack
Motto:  May God Have Mercy on the Wolfpack’s Prey
Shirts: Black