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Getting Married at BMT

Getting Married at BMT
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We often get inquiries as to how to go about getting married graduation weekend so we’ve pulled together some information provided by AFWM members. This information is current, as far as we know. If you learn otherwise, please let us know so that we may update it for others.

One option is to contact Retired Rev. Donald Lang. His business card reads:
“Our chapel or your location, Courthouse Wedding Chapel & Services”
Rev. Donald (Don) Lang, Non-Denominational
126 E. Main Plaza – Suite 10, San Antonio, TX 78205
Across from the Courthouse
Telephone: (210) 224-1145, Cell: (210) 290-2782

He can make the ceremony a little more religious or he can do it civil, its your preference. He loves phone calls! He’s retired from the US Army. He’s a very nice man and always wanting to help. He is a great resource.

The other option (if the Courthouse is open, they like to close down for parades and holidays) is to pay for the license and go to a Justice of the Peace and pay them gratuity.

Please remember Town Liberty & Base Passes can be taken away. It doesn’t happen very often but it does happen. In that case you would need to google marriage by proxy in Texas to have a back up plan ready.

Following comments are taken directly off the FB page:

May 2011 – Alisha

BEFORE graduation
1. your driver’s license
2. your Birth certificate (or official copy)
3. your Social Security card (or official copy)
4. your soon-to-be husband will just need his military id (tech card)
When you get to Texas (Lackland)
1. Go to Bexar County Courthouse before 5pm preferrably on Friday
(100 Dolorosa, San Antonio, TX, 78205)
2. After going through security check (call Don @ 1-210-290-2782)
(no need to make an appointment, he said sometimes graduation does not end at designated time and this creates a lot of anxiety for the couple)
3. Apply for marriage license (66$ cash only)
4. Meet Don at the chapel across the street (he will tell you where)
(The usual 72 hour waiting period after receiving the license is waived because your man will be active duty)
5. Proceed with ceremony (required: option to have it civil or religious)
And it is possible to marry by proxy but I do not know much about this.
*no witness required, no dress code, and bring a camera
*he will help you set up for changing your legal name as well
*he is very nice and informative
$180 (66 for license, 50 for ceremony, rest for certificate and certified copies)
If you marry before 5pm the ceremony (jop?) will cost 50$ (as mentioned above), after 5pm it is 65$, and on weekend and holidays it is 80$.
The courthouse will close at 5pm but he can help you get a license after hours but it will cost more.
If you have any questions either contact me, call Don Lang, or go to this helpful website: http://www.weddingvendors.com/marriage-license-laws/united-states/texas/
I hope this helps you all out!

October 2011 – Jeanette

On Friday they usually have town pass and also on Saturday as well. We used Friday to go to the courthouse and get our marriage license. Most people usually get married that day then you can go back to base and get the paperwork started to get you enrolled in medical and also into the system. We got married on Saturday instead because Friday was a really busy day with graduation and everything else. My husband then started our paperwork once he got to tech. school. His school is over 20 weeks so I was lucky enough to get to move with him to his location. Feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

April 2013-Amy WingMom

Our experience was similar to Alisha from May 2011 except both parties are active duty Air Force so we needed to get the license by proxy. My son was the one graduating from BMT so he was present, my daughter in law was coming from tech school. She had prepared the Absentee affidavit for marriage and had mailed her Drivers License along with her original birth certificate to my son to obtain the license.
We also used Don Lang, we hadn’t prearranged the meeting but met him at the courthouse. He was wonderful to work with and performed a nice, brief ceremony in front of the fountain.  He provided each party a certified copy to take back to their base to file for Joint Spouse and also offered information to make sure their knew the right procedures once they got there. The link to the courthouse is HERE.