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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Dependents Only: Tricare

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STOP, before you scroll down, READ THIS: You are automatically enrolled in Tricare SELECT. Once your spouse stepped on that bus to head to San Antonio, you had Tricare Select. Even if you haven’t received your Dependent Packet yet, you have Tricare Select. You mean you haven’t signed any paperwork or talked to anyone about your health insurance? Yep, you still have Tricare Select. With that said,

-What is Tricare?
(via www.tricare.mil) “TRICARE offers comprehensive, affordable health coverage with several health plan options, a robust pharmacy benefit, dental options, special programs and demonstrations.”

-What is the difference between Tricare Select and Prime?  You will receive information in your “packet” regarding this, but in the mean time, you can see a more comprehensive look at ALL the plans Tricare covers, visit this link: https://tricare.mil/Plans

-How do I get Tricare Prime set-up?-
This is a very easy process! (At least it was for me). All you need is your MILITARY ID!
1) Contact the appropriate Tricare Region.
“How do I find out what region I’m in?” Visit click this link: https://tricare.mil/About/Regions and call the appropriate phone number.
2) Ask the operator where the closest Tricare Office is to you so you can set up a Tricare Prime account.
3) Call the office they told you about and check the hours of operation.
4) Go to the office with MIL ID in tow, and you’ll have your PRIME account set up!
You literally hand the person your Military ID, select a doctor, and you’re done. (The whole process took me about 10 minutes. I happened to walk in right as they were about to close.)

-When is my insurance (Tricare Prime) effective?
Pretty soon. There are cut-off dates in processing and it goes as follows:
If you start the processing before the 15th, your insurance is effective on the 1st.
If you start the processing after the 15th, your insurance is effective on the 1st of the following month.
If you start processing on August 1-15, your insurance is effective on Sept 1.
If you start processing on August 16-31, your insurance is effective on Oct 1.

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