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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Dependents Only: Getting your Military ID

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Spouses, this topic is for you! Please refer here for information/questions regarding your military ID
-Your Military ID card –
also known as DoD card (Department of Defense card)
also known as MIL ID

Before you get your Military ID card, you have to know what it’s for. For most, the MIL ID is used for:
-Getting onto any Military Installation (ie, Lackland AFB)
-Setting up your Tricare Prime health insurance
(Extra: -Getting a Military discount at participating stores/restaurants)
-Your “New” name- (Wives)

You will receive your Spouse Packet in the mail around WOT 3-4 (maybe sooner, maybe later.) This means it will have been around a month since your AB left home.

{{Wives}}==>If you just got married before your spouse left, this is a good time to get your “name change” things sorted out. If you have been married over 1-2 months, you should have been getting these things processed already.
Assuming you are taking his last name after getting married, here are some common things to make sure are changed:
-Driver’s license* – *When you get married and change your name on your driver’s license, it does not RENEW your driver’s license. Keep expiration dates in mind. (This might vary from state to state)
-Social Security Card
-Credit/Debit cards
In California, it takes about 10 days to get your official Marriage License. Keep this in mind if you plan to get married and send off a copy of your marriage license with him to BMT. If he ships out on Jan 10, and you get married on Jan 5, most likely you will not be able to send a copy of your marriage license with him.

Tip: Send your spouse a photocopy of ALL your personal documents; Birth certificate, Marriage License, Driver’s license, SS card…. Just in case! You never know when something might get “lost” or they need your info right away.

-Obtaining your MIL ID-
1) In the Dependent Packet is a form: “DD Form 1173”, this single piece of paper is all you need.
2) You will need TWO (2) forms of ID along with the D-form to get your ID.
3) Go to the nearest Military Base to get your ID.

”I have no idea where the closest base is!”
Please click the link below. It asks you to put in your ZIP-code, and finds the closest base to you. Note: Just because you are an Air Force dependent, doesn’t mean you have to get it at an Air Force Base! You can very well go to a Navy, Army, Marine, etc base!
Find the closest Military base to you / Make an appointment by clicking this link. ===> http://www.dmdc.osd.mil/rsl/

”Do I need to make an appointment?”
Possibly. Many military installations now require an appointment.  The link above will direct you to the military installation nearest to you.  Be sure to read and follow the requirements for the one you choose.

”What do I wear?”
Anything! And honestly, it doesn’t matter. They do take a picture of you, and most likely it’s just going to be a picture of your face and maybe neck if you’re lucky!  Side note: They ask you your height and weight. I don’t think they weight and measure you there.

”How long until I get my new ID?”
Immediately. They print it out, you sign it, and you get to take your brand new, sparkly ID home with you right away!

”When does my new MIL ID expire?”
If you flip the card over, it’ll say. Most likely it is 5 years from the day you got it.

Conditions for Issue of ID Cards to Children Under Age 10. (via Department of Defense)

1 * The child’s temporary guardian lives away from the parent’s duty station and must use a medical facility other than the one keeping the child’s records; or the child resides temporarily away from the sponsor and there is no eligible spouse. Authorize ID card benefits and privileges as Attachment 2 specifies. Note: Have the applicant sign the card: Enter ―INFANT‖ when the individual is too young to sign; or enter ―INCAP‖ when the individual cannot sign because of a mental or physical incapacity.
2 * The child is of a joint service couple or a single parent.
3 * The child’s physical appearance warrants issue (for example, appears older than 10). Note: The Personnel Chief or designated representative approves or disapproves request.
4 * The child does not reside in the household of an eligible adult family member.

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