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Common Terms & Abbreviations

Common Terms & Abbreviations
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341 Excellence/Discrepancy Report = Trainees/Airmen  must carry this form around with them at all times.  If they are doing something wrong they will have to pull out the form and the MTI will write them up for it. Too many Discrepancy reports pulled can get them recycled or can affect any advancement they may be eligible for.  They can also get them pulled for doing something right.

AB = Airman Basic, the rank of your Airman while in Basic Military Training

ABU = Airman Battle Uniform

A1C = Abbreviation of the rank Airman First Class

AF = Air Force

AFB = Air Force Base

AFSC =  Air Force specialty codes/ Enlisted Jobs in the Air Force

AETC = Air Education and Training Command

AFWM = Air Force WingMoms, (not just for moms!)

Airman = The pay grade of E-2. This title is also given to all individuals, military or civilian that serve in the Air Force, regardless of rank. Trainees earn the right to this title during the 7th week of training of BMT during the Coin Ceremony.

Amn = Abbreviation of the rank of Airman

ASVAB = Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery; a standardized, multiple choice, multi-aptitude test to determine qualification for enlistment in the military as well as potential career fields.

Banners = are the signs you hold up during the Airman’s Run on Thursday. There’s a discussion topic in our Pre-Grad info links.

Base Pass (Visitor Pass) = Without a military or DoD (Department of Defense) card, you cannot enter the Base. To resolve this issue, you will be granted a Visitor Access Pass or BASE PASS to enter. Your trainee has most likely already filled out a paper with your personal information (including Driver’s License #). Expect your base passes between Week of Training 3 and 6. If you need to add someone, or have concerns about your base pass, please click HERE.

Base Liberty = Privilege granted by BMT leadership to visit on-base facilities and enjoy free time away from training.

Battlefield Airmen = Battlefield Airmen are the special operations force of the Air Force. They include Combat Controllers (CCT), Pararescumen (PJ), Tactical Air Control Party members (TACP) and Special Operations Weather Technicians (SOWT).

BEAST = Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills Training (occurs during week 5 of BMT)

Bed Aligners = Makes sure each row of beds is in perfect alignment, one to the other.

BMT = Basic Military Training

BMT RC = Basic Military Training Reception Center

Bowling Team = Cleans the bathroom, led by the Latrine Queen.

BTZ = Below the Zone (Provides an opportunity for exceptionally well qualified Airmen First Class (A1C) a one-time consideration for promotion to SrA, to be effective six months prior to the fixed fully-qualified phase point.)

BX = Base Exchange, the base store

CAC = Common Access Card (Military ID)

CATM  = Combat Arms Training and Maintenance

CDCs = Career Development Courses; computer or paper-based volumes of information that further the training you learn in technical training school. CDCs are completed with an examination, which you must successfully pass. CDCs are required to hit your 5-skill level, with an additional set required for your 7-skill level

CLEP = College Level Examination Program; tests that can be taken to earn college credit, which can be applied to your CCAF progress report.

CoC  = Chain of Command

Chow Hall = The building were your trainee eats meals (see also DFAC)

Chow Runner = Trainee who announces that a flight is ready to enter the dining hall.

Commissary  = The base food store

CONUS = Continental United States

Core Values = The Air Force’s Concept of ethical standards

CQ = Charge of Quarters

DANTES = Defense Activity For Non-Traditional Education Support; the acronym previously used for another type of testing that awards college credit, like the CLEP; these tests are now referred to as DSST.

DEERS = Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System

DEP = Delayed Entry Program; the program future trainees participate in while they wait for their BMT ship date. These programs are as involved/organized as the recruiting office/unit chooses.

DFAC = Dinning Facility, the place where you eat your meals (see also Chow Hall)

DoD = Department of Defense

DOR = Date of Rank

Dream Sheet = The form you fill out to list the different bases you would like to be stationed at.

EC = Entry Controller. In Basic Military Training they are responsible for ensuring only authorized personnel are granted access to the dorms.

EPR = Enlisted Performance Report

Flight (FLT) = A group of trainees in training together, consisting of approximately 45-60 trainees.

FTAC = First Term Airman’s Center

FTX = Field Training Exercises

Grilled Cheese & Jesus = On Sundays many Trainees eat grilled cheese for lunch and attend church services.

House Mouse = Schedules people for Dorm Guard (standing at the door and not letting anyone without proper ID in).

HUA = Heard, Understood, Acknowledged; a vocal response for Airmen, which may sometimes be utilized as a question as well.

JBSA=  Joint Base San Antonio

JEEP = Just Educated Enough to Perform (a new Airman just out of tech school)

KP = Kitchen Patrol. People that are assigned additional duties in the chow hall.

Latrine Queen = Airman in charge of making sure the bathroom is spotless.

Laundry Crew = These are the folks at BMT who get to gather everyone’s dirty clothes, launder them, then return them to the owner.

LOC = Letter of Counseling

LOR = Letter of Reprimand

Loud&Proud = Posting the TRS/FLT

MAJCOM = Major Command

MEPS = Military Entrance Processing Station

Military Bearing = An ability to maintain verbal, physical, and emotional composure under any circumstances.

MRE = Meals Ready to Eat

MSS = Mission Support Squadron

MTI = Military Training Instructor

MTL = Military Training Leader; the name for instructors/leaders at Technical Training School.

NCO = Non-commissioned Officer

NCOIC = Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge

NVG = Night Vision Goggles

OCONUS = Outside the Continental United States

OL = Operating Location

OPSEC = Operations Security

ORI = Operational Readiness Inspection

OSI = Office of Special Investigation

PAR = Post Attack Reconnaissance (Trainees will learn this during BEAST week)

PCS = Permanent Change of Station

PDS = Permanent Duty Station

Permanent Party = Air Force members who are permanently assigned to an Air force Base (duty station).

PERSEC = Personnel Security System (US Department of Homeland Security)

PFT = Physical Fitness Test

PME = Professional Military Education

Pop Tart = Airmen whose technical career schools are 6 weeks or less

PSC = Postal Service Center [which is NOT needed in the address, by the way!]

PS&E = Positive Support & Encouragement

QAF = Quality Air Force

RAP = Recruiter Assistance Program

Regulation/Instruction = A written directive (rule of order) prescribed by authority to set and control standards

Reporting Statement = Used in the Air Force when officially reporting to a superior officer/NCO. In BMT it is “Sir (or Ma’am), Trainee Jones Reports as Ordered!”

Retreat = Signals the end of the official duty day, and serves as a ceremony for paying respect to the U.S. flag.

Reveille = A musical signal for the start of the duty day.

Road Guards = Individual chosen to protect the members of a formation while crossing streets or intersections

SERE = Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape

SF = Security Forces

SFS = Security Forces Squadron

Shirt = A unit first sergeant. Also called “First Shirt”.

Shoe Aligners = Aligns ALL the shoes to make sure they are in a perfect line.

Specifications = A detailed description of requirements dimensions materials, etc.

SQ = The Squadron (unit) that your airman is assigned to while in basic training.

Tapping out = releasing your Airman from formation.

TDY = Temporary Duty

Town Pass = opportunity for the Airman to go into town

Trainee = A person that is in Basic Military Training

TRS DG’s = Training Squadron Discussion Group

TRS = Training Squadron

The following info regarding Mascot, shirt color and motto is subject to change at any time. We post this info for informational purposes and strongly encourage you to confirm with your Airman what he/she will be wearing.

320 TRS Mascot: Gators, Motto: “Can’t stop the rock.” Color: Red

321 TRS Mascot: Warthogs, Motto: “Lead, follow or get out of the way,” Color: Gray

322 TRS Mascot: Eagles, Motto: “Second to none, come get some,” Color: Royal Blue and Gold

323 TRS Mascot: Mustangs, Motto: “Anytime, Anyplace Mustangs,” Color: Maroon

324 TRS Mascot: Knights, Motto: “Ready for Battle!” Color: Military Green and Dark Purple

331 TRS Mascot: Wolfpack, Motto: “May God Have Mercy On The Wolfpack’s Prey,” Color: Black

USAF = United States Air Force

VARL = Visitors Access Request Letter / Base Passes. Without a military or DoD identification card you cannot enter Lackland AFB unless you have a Visitor Access Pass. Your trainee should have previously accomplished this form with his or her recruiter prior to arriving to BMT. If not, your trainee will have the opportunity to fill out a form in the first week of training. The info required is a valid driver’s license number, state of issue, and date of birth. Expect to receive your base passes in the mail between the 5 and 6 weeks of training. If you encounter any issues, please contact us at the BMT Reception Center at 737trg.web@lackland.us.af.mil or 210-671-3024/3069.

Visitor’s Briefing = In BMT it is an orientation for family members that explains all the events that will take place during graduation week. There are several briefings scheduled during graduation week. You only need to attend one of them.

WG = Week Group, you will notice the reference to week groups; for example WG 12012. Here is how to break it down. Your TRS DG also includes the WG in the title of the group.

Let’s use WG13007 as our example.

13 = Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 (1 October through September 30).

007 = the 7th week of the AF fiscal year which begins in October.

WOT = Week of Training