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Airmen’s Week Q&A

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Can I visit my Airman during Airmen’s Week?
No, Airmen’s Week visitation policy will remain the same throughout BMT.

Will trainees have their cell phones?
No, they will not.

What duties will they have (like the ones they had during BMT)?
They will have fewer duties the the final list is still to be determined.

Is completing Airmen’s Week a requirement to graduate/leave Lackland?

Can they fail Airmen’s Week?
Yes; Airman would then have to repeat the Airmen’s Week.

What will be taught during ?
There will be no new topics introduced during Airmen’s Week; the approach to cover the Core Value-related topics will be new.

Will this change their tech school dates?
Because the entire BMT experience still stays at 8.5 weeks (7.5 plus Airmen’s Week), tech school dates will be unaffected.

Will I be able to bring my Airman personal items over graduation weekend for them to take to tech school with them?
The current BMT policy remains the same for Airmen’s Week.

Will my Airman have access to cell in the evenings to call home?
Airmen will not be using their cell phones during Airmen’s Week.

Will their dorms be inspected like during BMT?
No, but the details are still being determined.

Will there be free time to visit with loved ones during that week?
No, but the details are still being determined.

Will they do PT every morning?
No, but the final schedule is still being determined.

For those who enter with advanced rank, when do they sew on their stripes? Will it be during the 7th week of ceremony events or at the end of Airmen’s Week?
They will sew on their rank for the Airman’s Parade at the end of week 7.5