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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Writing your Trainee: Airman Questionnaire

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(Just fill in the blanks and send to us so we know how your BMT experience is going)
Dear: _____________ Date: _____________
1. Is anyone that left with you to start BMT in your squad?
2. How many guys are in your squad? Have you made a lot of friends?
3. What are their names?
4. Where are your friends from?
5. How is your entire squad holding up?
6. Is there anyone in your squad not getting mail that we could write to?
7. Is anyone in the same career Field that you are going into?
8. What is the job you have to do there?
9. What have you liked so far in BMT?
10. What have you disliked so far in BMT?
11. Do you enjoy the marching?
12. Do you like your TI so far?
13. How many miles do you run a day?
14. Are you anxious about the gas chamber or have you already had to go through it?
15. How fast can you disassemble your weapon & reassemble it?
16. Has your TI called anyone Forest Gump yet, LOL?
17. Has the discipline been tough on your squad?
18. Did you ever imagine having to make your bed every day?
19. How hard was it to learn to fold your clothes they way they want it?
20. Do they make you clean a lot?
21. Have you have to scrub the bathrooms down with a toothbrush yet?
22. What color are your shirts for the Airman’s Run
23. What is your flight called?
24. What is your Flights Mascot?
25. How is the food?
26. How has the weather been?
27. Are you feeling ok?
28. Have you lost weight?
29. Have you gained any weight?
30. Are you eating well?
31. Are you sleeping well?
32. What time do you have to get up every day?
33. What time do you usually get to go to bed every day?
34. Do you have nights that you have BMT too, or is it only in the day?
35. Do you get to take hot showers regularly?
36. How long do you get for a shower?
37. Is that time only for a shower or for all bathroom needs?
38. Are you going to church?
39. What do you miss most about home?
40. What are you looking forward to doing besides graduating?
41. Is there anything from home you will want us to be sure to bring to you?
42. What do you want to do after Graduation while everyone is there? Do you want to go out on the town or just hangout around the hotel so you can relax and enjoy your down time with all the family?

Graduation Questionnaire:

We are so excited & proud that you are graduating from BMT! We can’t wait to see you!!!! We want to make sure that you enjoy your weekend. Can you help us out?

At the Airman’s Run I am in Row ____________ of my flight.

a. Other ________________________________________

You want your family & friends to:

a. Cheer like super freaks yelling & screaming.
b. Cheer polite & yell your name
c. Cheer inside & just smile (wishful thinking)

At the Coin Ceremony I would like this person to Tap me out.

a. Dad
b. Mom
c. Spouse
d. Other ___________________
e. I don’t care, just surprise me.

Do you have a friend that needs to be tapped out at the Coin Ceremony?

Yes or No

At the Graduation Ceremony I would like this person to Tap me out.

a. Dad
b. Mom
c. Spouse
d. Other ___________________
e. I don’t care, just surprise me.

Do you have a friend that needs to be tapped out at the Graduation Ceremony?

Yes or No

Do you have a friend that needs to be adopted?

Yes or No

Which day(s)

Thurs., Fri, Sat & Sun.

If you have a friend that needs or wants to be adopted, please remind him/her to get permission to:

a. Visit the Hotel.
b. Go to a sports event that may extend your curfew.

You want me to bring you something special?

a. cookies
b. candy
c. laptop
d. clothes ____________________________________________________
e. Me
f. other _______________________________________________________
g. Me

We have extra room in the car & can offer a ride for ___________ more person/people. Can we help anyone?

I would like to go to:

a. Sea World
b. Fiesta Flags
c. The Alamo
d. Riverwalk
e. Nowhere, I just want to sleep & veg out.
f. Eat at a special restuarant ___________________________________
g. Bowling
h. Movies
i. Somewhere else _________________________________________

Is there something that we didn’t list that you would like to ask?

I love you,
you love me,
I miss you,
you miss me,
I’m proud of you,
you’re proud of yourself
I can’t wait to see you
you can’t wait to see me


Mission: Week One (WOT 1) – The Questionnaire

I saw you! You were checking the mailbox, hoping to see your name on a white envelope, addressed by your Trainee. It’s been a week and a half. You know your Trainee is busy, but the heart wants what the heart wants!
Hmm, I wonder if there is something we can do to help you receive mail? I’m thinking…still thinking…what about a questionnaire?!

Today’s Mission – The Questionnaire – it is a clever way to get information from your Trainee, because you ask the questions. Plus, you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope, so all your Trainee has to do is fill it out and return! By George, that’s a clever idea!
Getting Started:
1. Review the sample questions below:
a. Multiple Choice & Fill in the Blanks: simple, easy and quick to answer, but possibly less personal.
b. Open-ended questions: more time consuming for your Trainee, but possibly more personal.
c. Create your own questions: fun, fun, fun! You can be serious or silly and tailor it to you Trainee’s personality.
d. Suggested last question: Is there anything you want to add? This allows space for your Trainee to write anything free form, if time allows.
2. Record “Today’s Date is: ____________” For your Trainee to complete.
3. Add between 10-15 questions.
TIP: You can do this again next week too and the week after that and so on!
4. Make sure there is plenty of space between questions for your Trainee to easily/quickly respond or make a selection.
5. Retrieve a white envelope, put your address in the To area, your Trainee’s BMT address in the From area and affix a stamp.
6. Please add another/ short uplifting message on the back page, a separate piece of paper or even on a sticky note! Explain the questionnaire is a quick/ hopefully fun and easy way for you to communicate. Ask your Trainee to answer your questions and return as time allows. Remember to include Today’s Day and Date…Sunday January 8, 2012…and tell your Trainee how PROUD you are!
7. Put the questionnaire, note and self-addressed envelope in an envelope addressed to your Trainee and run to the mailbox.
Multiple Choice/Fill in the Blank: (Circle option or Write in the answer)
I am: OK, Hanging in there, Terrified, An American Trainee…I protect my country…
The weather is: Hot, Cold, Windy, Good when it’s not hot/cold or windy.
Food is: Terrific, Bad, I don’t know – I’m afraid I’ll get yelled at if I get it wrong.
My flight is: Nice, Interesting, Love them, Looks just like me (same hair & clothes)
I have: Gained Weight, Lost Weight, I have no idea?
I Sleep: 6 hrs, 4 hrs, 2 hrs, Remind me what sleep is?
Our Uniforms are: Hot, Cool, Just Right, Were we supposed to get uniforms?
Do you have a Sister/Brother Flight? Yes, No, I have to have siblings here too?
My TI is: Awesome, Sweet, OK, The Grinch in disguise, No Comment.
Who is your Favorite: Mom, Dad, Your Pet, BMT Mailman.
What do you miss most: Texting, Internet, TV, Junk Food, Your Mom/Dad, Sleep
Marching is: Great, Boring, Nap Time, I need a chiropractor.
I received Extra Attention in the form of: Push-ups, Sit-ups, Running, Everything
I miss you: A Lot, Kind of, When Cleaning, I’m sorry – who are you?
Were you Assigned: Top Bunk, Bottom Bunk, Single Bed, Floor.
Do the TI’s really flip a quarter on your bed like on TV: Yes, No, Really?
My TI’s are Loud: Sometimes, When Necessary, Always, Duh!
After your shots, did you walk arm/arm with another? Yes, No, Not Answering.
Do you carry a blue fake M16? Yes, No (I read about that on the WingMoms fb page).
The first night here I got to bed at ____________am/pm and slept for ________minutes/hours.
My bunkmate is: Friendly, Wish he was on the other side of the room, Don’t know yet.
Is your bed soft? Yes, No
Are you in the band flight? No, Yes, I’m playing? _____________
How are your inspections going? Awesome, Could be better, Improving, I get a lot of PT!
On a scale from 1- 10 (1 is bad. 10 is excellent.) how is your flight doing? _________
Open-Ended Questions:
What church are you going to? Do you like it? What time is church?
Are you an Element Leader? Haha – I know what an Element Leader is – are you impressed with that?! I’m doing my homework 🙂
Have you been assigned jobs yet? If so, what is yours? Do you like it?
How many people are in your flight?
Is anyone in your flight not getting mail that I could write to?
What lane are you in when you run?
How many miles do you run?
What time is lights out?
Is there anything from home that you want us to bring Graduation Weekend?
How long is your shower?
How many guys do you shower with at one time? (haha)
Graduation weekend, do you want us to get a hotel on base or off base?
Have you heard others talk about the AF WingMom fb page? I’m loving it!
What is the most common thing the flight gets yelled at for?
What are the names of your friends – where are they from?
What is your favorite thing so far?

Disclaimer: examples are provided by the Writing your Trainee TI to jump start your creativity.
Reminder: Visit WOT0 – 8 LINKS to the left of AFWM’s home page, every week, to learn about your Trainee’s BMT experience!

All Questionaire are for personal use only. Not for reproduction or posting on other sites.