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Tech School

Tech School
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Once WOT 8 is finished … it will be time for your Airman to go to tech school!  This will be the time when your Airman starts to learn the skills needed for his/her new job.  Your Airman will have his/her cell phone back and will be able to call/skype/facetime when they are not in class if they wish.  Click HERE for an overview of what tech school is all about.

We strive to make sure the private AFWM discussion group you have been in throughout BMT stays open, so you can continue on your Air Force journey with the amazing WingFamily you’ve made.  However, there are groups specifically for each tech school location you may want to join as well.  Listed below is a link to a site that will have some additional information regarding Tech School.


Please note that these groups are not managed by AFWM, so if you have any questions or trouble finding a group, be sure to message the admins of that page.


Traveling to Tech School

Spouses: The Transition to Tech School


Leave After Tech School