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Leave After Tech School

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Most airmen graduating from tech school can request to take leave prior to reporting to their first permanent duty station. The amount of leave taken is usually 10 days. If your airman has not accrued enough leave they can request “advanced leave” to borrow from leave days that will be earned in the future. If this is done, it will give them a negative leave balance, also referred to as “being in the hole.”

If your airman attended tech school around Christmas and went on leave during the “Holiday Exodus” (see our Tech School Restrictions Overview article), then they will not typically be allowed to take additional leave once they graduate. There are however situations, especially if your airman’s tech school is extraordinary long, in which leave after tech school will be approved even if leave is taken during the holidays. Your airman should check with their command if they have questions about this.

If your airman is taking leave at home and/or has applied for the Recruiters Assistance Program (RAP), they will be able to extend the amount of time they will have at home prior to reporting to their first permanent duty station. Refer to our article on RAP for more information on this program.