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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

The Fired Up Chief with PEP

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Airmen Bucket List
(11 things these heroes must complete on during their First Enlistment)

1. Get a good mentor. Find that one NCO (or two!) that is sharp and motivating. Stick with them. They will teach you the ropes and transform you into the sharp Airman that you aspire to be. Use what you’ve learned and use your abilities to guide and mold your future airmen to becoming the best Airman they can be.

2. Get a passport and travel. Don’t just stay in one place your entire enlistment. Get out and view the world. When you take leave, take leave. Leave the area. Experience another culture. You get 2 weeks of leave every year, do something amazing with it.

3. Take advantage of all education opportunities. Obtain your CCAF and/or bachelor’s degree. Your tuition is paid for! Earning that degree will make your job resumes more unique than the rest of the competition without one.

4. Get certifications. If your job offers national certifications, get them. It will help you secure your future with your life outside of the military. It will also make getting a job much easier and job opportunities less limited.

5. Make a scrapbook. Being in the military will always be a big part of your life, just like high school. Keeping photos and little mementos of your experience would make a great story you can share with your children and grandchildren. As you start to stack paper and make it rain, save those old stripes and ribbon racks…

6. Wear your uniform home and visit your high school. It is the perfect opportunity to display how proud you are to be in the United States military and to inspire those who are lost about their future.

7. Tie up loose ends with family. Some Airman have left home on bad terms. If you did, be the bigger person and make amends. It is a part of life and an even bigger part of growing up. When all is said and done, family is everything.

8. Network. There are reasons why you meet people in life. There are other Airmen out there that have attained skills you don’t have. It is a great way to learn new trades and is free of charge.

9. Read to elementary kids. Participate in Read Across America. Those kids are our future and they look up to soldiers like us. You will have enriched their future as a positive public figure.

10. Get involved with the base & community. No I am not talking about sucking up, I am referring to giving back to the people that support you. Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity or a food kitchen is a great way to show your appreciation for their support. Nothing pleases the soul better than helping those in need and nothing touches the heart more than a smile and a simple “thank you for serving our country.”
11. Attend a finance class and make an investment (TSP). Secure your future! We all make bad financial choices at some point in our life. Don’t let debt control you. If you do this, that trip to Hawaii becomes more realistic, doesn’t it?

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Never give up on your dream hero, If you’ve failed a thousand times, keep on trying because eventually you will succeed and truly appreciate the accomplishment. The fired up with PEP

Some people will always talk bad or try to take away your PEP. Don’t even give them a second thought because your future is too bright to be distracted. Keep controlling your destiny & doing your thing hero. The fired up chief w mega PEP

Releasing the past, enjoying the present, and shaping the future…got to sustain the fire and elevate your PEP. Your outlook is just like the sun…very fired up and bright. The fired up chief with PEP

Happy Monday Hero! Hope u realize that If u are not moving forward, u are falling backward….Put some extra PEP in your STEP. The Fired Up Chief w PEP

Loyalty has no price tag & you have to be all in. The fired up chief with PEP

C’mon hero, u need to understand If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it….If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place. Lets quit holding ourself back. the fired up chief with PEP

C’mon hero…If you always depend on someone else to tell you what to do, your life will be full of frustration & short on fulfillment. In order to fully enjoy success & achievement, you must take control of your life and spend the time and effort to figure it out for yourself. The fired up chief with PEP

Jumped on elevator at Embassy suite, then a lady pushing a big luggage cart enters elevator. Her exact words, I heard you talk to my son at the shirt academy. Thanks for your inspiring words. You never know who is watching and listening. therefore, hero you are always on parade. the fired up chief

C’mon hero, instead of looking at your situation as a problem, you should look at as an opportunity to improve. Stay fired up, motivated, and full of PEP. The fired up chief

C’mon hero! You can’t think negative thoughts and expect a positive outcome. Shake those negative vibes to elevate your PEP to achieve your goal. The fired up chief

C’mon hero, if we continue to rise above the petty distractions, we will not become derailed while staying the course toward our goals. The fired up chief with PEP

C’mon hero, just because some ppl are feeling like bah hombug, don’t let them damper your holiday spirit. Keep your PEP level flowing real strong. Ho! Ho! Ho! The fired up Santa Chief

Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pay off now. Be lazy and enjoy yourself over this holiday period. Its going down in 2012. The fired up chief with PEP

Stay persistence with PEP & U will turn setbacks into achievements! The fired up chief w PEP

If you fire up your attitude, your outlook would be brighter. Put some extra PEP in your STEP. The fired up chief

C’mon hero, let’s take a step back to compose our thoughts, then jump right back in mega PEP…you got this hero! The fired up chief

Happy New Years Heroes! If you want to achieve your resolutions, go public with them & let the whole world know you got extra PEP in your STEP in knocking off these goals. the fired up chief

C’mon hero! As u continue to live the dream, make sure it includes lifting others higher as you lift yourself higher…then, everyone would be fired up about the elevations/achievements. The fired up chief

C’mon hero…if u continue to take the easy way out, you’ll eventually end up being very disappointed…you got to put in the work to reap the real benefits. The fired up chief with PEP

If u can’t stand the answer, don’t ask the question. The fired up chief with PEP
C’mon hero! U need to quit faking the funk…either put your heart into it or get to stepping…got my PEP level percolating. The fired up chief

Its alright to be regretful about the past, but, its foolish to dwell on those regrets.

C’mon hero, let’s shake it off and move forward with PEP! The fired up chief

Can’t win for losing, but at least you are playing…stay in the game & intensify your PEP…you will win real soon. The fired up chief w PEP

C’mon hero..always keep the power of truth on your side. Your word is your bond & u never want to lose credibility. The fired up chief with PEP

Happy Wed Heroes! Wow! This year is moving along fast. However, don’t count the days..instead enjoy the moments. Time to elevate my PEP by pounding the pavement. The fired up chief

C’mon hero…over the yrs, I’ve discovered that weakness is an opportunity to become stronger, while ignorance is an opportunity to get smarter. Let’s always get stronger and continue to get smarter. The fired up chief with PEP

Happy Friday Hero! Continue to live life to the fullest with no regrets…the fired up chief

(Under a picture of an Indian Chief) This was my inspiration to make Chief, which is the highest enlisted rank & a true honor to the American Indian. in order to be a fired up Indian chief, you had to prove that you were strong, brave, and a great leader. the fired up chief

The greatest gift you can ever give or receive is time. Therefore, use your precious time wisely. The fired up chief w PEP

All heroes should have the same chances to excel. We must inspire, motivate, and provide doses of PEP for heroes (Helping. Everyone. Receive. Opportunities) to take advantage of these situations. The fired up chief w PEP

Happy MLK day! I truly admire this hero and love by his quote “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?'” It’s always better to give than to receive, which is the reason I am full of PEP bout firing people up….the fired up chief

If you are being held back by negative words, its time to stop listening & regain your swagger! The fired up chief w PEP

If you remain hungry, persistent, & determine, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Stay inspired & full of PEP..hero, .you got this…the fired up chief with PEP

C’mon hero! Let’s focus on what you can do instead of what we could or should have done. Your power is in the present, and it will influence the future. The fired up chief with PEP

You will never regret telling the truth….so hero, let’s be honest. The fired up chief

Happy Sunday to all the fired up heroes! No one can STEP on your PEP! If u are not fired up, its time to find a new wingman. Everyone deserves to be pumped up. The fired up chief w PEP

Hero, don’t u realize the more you complain about a problem, the bigger the problem becomes…stop complaining and take action. The fired up chief with PEP

Never look down on a hero unless you are willing to pull him up…the fired up chief with PEP

Don’t just be a hero in a crowd…be the hero in the crowd. The fired up chief with PEP

C’mon hero…once you quit trying and start doing, its amazing on what you will accomplish. The fired up chief with PEP

C’mon hero…leadership is about pumping people up instead of pushing them down. Its not the workload or money….its the unnecessary BS that causing stress. We got to do better… the fired up chief with PEP

Today, a hero reminded me that You got to love your haters and your supports because both of them inspire you to be better. The fired up chief with PEP

C’mon hero, its not how you fall…its how you get back up and start back walking. the fired up chief with PEP

Happy Monday! If u hang with positive people and think positive thoughts, you are guarantee to achieve positive results. 46 days left and I got too much PEP in my STEP. The fired up chief

Hero…please realize that some things are not problems to be solved; instead they are facts to be endured. The fired up chief w PEP

Sometimes when we change our attitudes, we create other opportunities. The fired up chief with PEP

C’mon hero, when u take action, u need to forget about the past & focus with an eye toward the future because u can’t change the past but u can impact the future. 42 days left & I am on fire with an eye on my future!!!!!!! The fired up chief with PEP

C’mon hero, they may knock you down, but they will never knock you out. Regain your swagger and stick with it…you will achieve your goal…the fired up chief with PEP
C’mon hero, don’t blame others for your situation…if u do, u are putting yourself under their control. Take charge of your life. The fired up chief

C’mon hero, when u release your past misfortunes, u regain total control of your future. The fired up chief with PEP

Happy Tues, I have quit counting the days but instead taking advantage of opportunities to unleash the 4 (I), impact, ignite, inspire, and Influence heroes to elevate their game. PEP level on blast for next 38 days. The fired up chief

C’mon hero, once you free your mind, it’s amazing what you will accomplish. The fired up chief with pep

You got to be willing to take the good and bad to reach your true destiny…the fired up chief

Yesterday, I read a book that stated “there are two things which are move powerful than money and sex”….Recognition and Praise. its time to go fired up some heroes with some PEP. the fired up chief

Happy Valentine Day! If u love what u are doing and doing what u love, u will always be fired up and full of PEP. The fired up chief

C’mon hero, when you are faced with adversary, its real important that you maintain the faith. The fired up chief with PEP

We got to help our heroes develop…its nice to give positive feedback, but its also useful & beneficial to provide negative feedback. Let’s help our heroes grow to reach full potential. The fired up chief with PEP

Its better to ask for help, than to sit around and suffer. The fired up chief with PEP
Instead of being mad about the past, I would recommend you get fired up and excited about the future. Attitude along with PEP is everything hero. The fired up chief

C’mon hero, don’t put a question mark, where life has already put a period. Quit crying on spilled milk and move on. The fired up chief w PEP

Happy Wed! Instead of doing things as they have always been done, sometimes you need to make small tweaks or small adjustments to achieve bigger results. The fired up chief w PEP.

If we want to inspire young heroes, we got to adapt to them… instead of expecting them to change to us. The fired up chief with PEP

If your boss do not trust you, you will not trust your boss…we got to put trust in the heroes. The fired up chief

C’mon hero, all I ask is for u to do your best. U may not be the smartest, fastest, strongest, or biggest, but, u control the amount of your effort. Put the work in…the fired up chief

C’mon hero, quit worrying bout BS, its preventing u from focusing on what’s important. The fired up chief with PEP

Hero, If u lack confidence it your ability, why should anyone else believe in u.. it all starts with u…u are the skipper of your destiny & got to believe in yourself before anyone else will. The fired up chief w PEP

C-mon hero, the way you feel about yourself is up to you….stay fired up with PEP to live an enjoyable life. The fired up chief

Respect is a two way street…if you show respect to your heroes, they will show respect to you. Why is this so hard? The fired up chief with PEP

C’mon hero, if you start something, u got to finish it…Put some extra PEP in your step…the fired up chief with PEP

Happy Friday! Its going down today…don’t let your passion wear off, stay fired up and full of PEP. The fired up chief

Happy Wed Heroes! We got to remember that we can’t start a new chapter of your life if we continue to keep re-reading the last one. Time to move on hero…the fired up chief

C’mon hero, when you are thinking of tossing in the towel, please reflect on the resilience of Muhammad Ali who epitomize “A Winner is a Loser who got up more than Once”…you can knock me down, but you will never knock me out… and you better believe, I will get back swing…the fired up chief

C’mon hero! The only things in life you regret is the risks you did not take…quit being comfortable and follow your heart while taking some chances…the fired chief

C’mon hero, if you did not hear it with your own ears or see it with your on eyes, then you can’t share it with your big mouth. Quit spreading rumors hero…the fired up chief

C’mon hero. When your PEP level rise up, your problems come falling down. Get fired up hero. The fired up chief.

Cmon hero. Sometimes we fail to realize that the things we worry about will never happen. Quit worrying about things you can’t control. The fired up chief.

I’ll never be perfect, but i’ll always be fired up and full of PEP when I am overcoming my challenges….the fired up chief

C’mon hero, what other think of you is not as important as what you think of yourself…Who cares what other say or think, just be fired up and full of PEP about yourself. the fired up chief

Happy Friday! I was talking to a hero and had to remind him that he will never find the right person if he never let go of the wrong one. Quit trying to make something right, that you know is dead wrong…the fired up chief with PEP

C’mon hero! If everything were already prefect, there would be no opportunity to make improvements or continue growing. There is always room to make yourself better. The fired up chief.

C’mon hero! Just remember when you are faced with problems, things never end negatively unless you let them. Stay fired up and focus. The fired up chief
C’mon hero. It’s always better to be morally correct than politically correct. You are not running for office, so do the right thing. The fired up chief with PEP.