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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Best of MTI Monday!

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This page contains excerpts from MTI Monday. Retired MTI’s are on the Facebook Page on Monday nights from 7-9pm CST to answer questions about the training environment from an MTI’s perspective! We all look forward to their knowledge and humor.

Q: How are element leaders selected? My son said it was because of his bed-making skills but I’m not sure how that is possible.
A: David Oates: MTIs have different ways of selecting their student leaders. You will be surprised what else he can do besides making a good bed.

Q: If a trainee is missing meeting the PT requirement by 2 sit ups are there any concessions made or do they ever allow trainees to do less than the minimum required?
A: David Oates: A trainee who does not meet requirements does not meet requirements in my book. How would it be fair to all other trainees who DID pass??

Q: At what point do the majority of them lose that feeling of “holy crap what did I do” to loving it and enjoying the journey they are on?
A: David Oates: They lose that feeling when they graduate.

Q: What time does the training day begin and end for the trainees? Also is the day pretty much filled up with training or is there any down time?
A: David Oates: Trainee day is 0445-2100. Only down time is if the MTI allows down time.

Q: Hello! From what I have heard BMT is 1st about breaking down the AB then building the FLT up as a team. If this is true, how many weeks does each part consist of?
A: David Oates: Breaking down=hmmm…I did not know we were supposed to stop. Damn it. I had it wrong this whole time.

Q: I have heard that the trainee is given a hard time if they are sent pictures from home. Is this true?
A: David Oates: We don’t give them a hard time about photos unless it is something like dressing your cat up in a skirt or sending naughty pics.

Q: My brother is also in the Airforce…Chief Master Sgt…. He wasn’t sure if he should wear his “Blues” or will he stand out like a sore thumb?
A: David Oates: Current and prior military are encouraged to wear the uniform for graduation, just make sure it is being worn correctly as MTI are not shy about fixing people.

Q: In his last letter he said he had two 341s, 1 comment, and no U’s. I don’t know what this means, other than it’s bad. Can you explain it? Thanks.
A: David Oates: 341s are slips of paper MTI document trainees misfortune. The comment is the next step and a U=Unsat for the week is the next step.

Q: M sons graduation is approaching, and I wanted to get an idea of where he will be, do they do the formation by name, or by height, or what?
A: David Oates: Formation is formed by height unless a student leader or Guideon Bearer.

Q: Recycling …… I have been told that an AB cannot receive 2 “U’s” in the same week or they get recycled. Another states it’s 3 in total. What are the guidelines?
A: David Oates: 1 U=get a old fashion butt chewing from the MTI. 2 Us=get a good old fashion butt chewing from an even older MTI and most likely get recycled.

Q: My son goes in on Dec.4th. How do they deal with Christmas, will they have that day off?
A: David Oates: Wars don’t stop due to Christmas and neither does training. There is always something to teach and learn.

Q: Recycling …. I have been told that an AB cannot receive more than 2 “U’s” in one week. If you get one they fall off when that week is over. Then I have heard it’s 3 in total that would get you recycled. What are the guidelines? Your information would help give some peace of mind. Thank you Sir.
A: David Oates: Alright, let me say this in a kind way. There is no set rule for the number of U’s that cause a recycle. It is case of how stupid were they and what did they do and U’s DO NOT GO AWAY. Good rule of thumb, don’t do anything that would cause a U and there is your peace of mind.