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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

An Airman’s least favorite part of BMT

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Being woken up late at night was my least favorite part.
My least favorite part about basic was that you got yelled at regardless of how good a troop you were.

Least favorite part of basic was the “Reveille” song that played through the speakers to wake us up. I hated that song so much I got up ten minutes early each day to go to the bathroom so I didn’t have to hear it.

Doing push ups for someone elses mistakes.

My least favorite part was lack of sleep. You’ll be exhausted most of the time and the limited amount of time you have to rest isn’t as much as you would want, especially when you factor in pulling night shifts of dorm guard duty.

My least favorite part was the first day. That’s when they are the hardest on you and when you are the most intimidated. After that, it only gets easier every day. There are only good memories from basic. It may seem like a bad time but once its over you realize how easy it really was.

My least favorite part was not being able to speak to people on the outside whenever I wanted to. It really does tear you down. It did me at least. also marching. I couldn’t stand it at first. You will march EVERYWHERE you go

Waiting for breakfast. Food was amazing!

Waking up every day.