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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

An Airman’s favorite part of BMT

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The actual field training were you’re geared up and playing war-games. Running the obstacle course was really fun too.
The weapons training, those are the two best days of basic training. You get a break from the MTI and you just have fun.

EATING! And graduation.

I don’t think any one has a favorite part about basic, except maybe the base liberties.

Meal time. You lived your days meal to meal.

Shining my boots, I wasn’t being harassed for any reason and the MTI would let us do it for hours. It’s the Airman Basic version of meditation. No boots to shine anymore though.

Beast was a trip week.

My favorite part about basic was the friends that I made. You automatically make friends because of how much crap you have to go through together. Whoever this is going to you will make possibly life long friends in Basic Training.

Tied between M16 shooting, obstacle course, and the gas chamber. All a BLAST!

Warrior week or Beast week, what ever they call it now. Doing the obstacle course or shooting.
Tie between beast and graduation most definitely

The friends made and the obstacle course!

All the food we got to eat while on Base Liberty!