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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Med Hold & Get Fit Program

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Common reasons for being assigned to this flight are:

1. The trainee is sick enough that they cannot continue training

2. The trainee is not meeting fitness standards (failing the fitness tests)

3. The trainee has violated terms of their enlistment, other forms of misconduct and other administrative reasons

Once trainees are transferred to the Med Hold flight, they are afforded the opportunity to use the phone to inform family members of their new address and graduation date, if necessary.

For trainees that are going to be separated from the Air Force, they will remain in this squadron until their separation is completed. This process can take between 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the situation.

For trainees that are sick, they will remain assigned to the Med Hold flight until they are either medically cleared to return into the BMT pipeline or until a determination is made to separate the trainee from the Air Force. Once cleared they will be assigned to a flight that is in the same phase of training the trainee was in when they left. They will not always be returned to the same squadron they were in when they were placed in the Med Hold flight. The amount of time trainees spend in the Med Hold flight for medical reasons varies depending on their own specific situation.

For trainees that are not meeting the fitness requirements, the Air Force invests in making sure they pass!  Trainees that arrive are afforded the chance to pass their deficient area(s) (push up/sit up/1.5 mile run) on Tuesday of WOT 7.  If trainees pass their area(s), they are sent back to their original flight and squadron and will graduate on time.  If they fail again, they will be recycled one week into another flight.  This may or may not be the same TRS, but your trainee will be allowed to call with the new address.  If they pass the next week with that Flight, they will graduate with their new flight and move on to Airmen’s Week.

However, if the trainee fails again, he or she will be assigned to the Med Hold flight and be enrolled in the “Get Fit” program.  The trainee will be allowed to call with that information.  Physical training evaluations are conducted every Tuesday, adjusted for holidays and weather.  Once they pass the physical test, they are put in a flight graduating that week.  They are also permitted to call and let a family member know they passed.  Trainees are enrolled in the program for a maximum of 30 days, but can be recommended for separation from the Air Force earlier if the trainee is not making satisfactory progress in the program to achieve BMT physical training standards.

The “Get Fit” program includes specific core muscle workouts six days a week while allowing a day off from physical training to attend a religious service of their choice. Three days out of the week, trainees attend one of Lackland Air Force Base’s gyms for cardiovascular workouts. Trainees are assisted by nationally certified personal trainers. Trainees also receive weight and cardiovascular training daily by a certified military training instructor to specifically target each individual trainee’s deficient areas.

In addition, trainees receive training on good nutrition habits and correct food choices. Trainees learn the amount of water and calories that are required when they increase their exercise levels. Confidence, perseverance, and determination are instilled in each trainee as they progress through the program.

As a parent or other family member, it is very important to be very supportive of your loved one if they are transferred to the Med Hold flight for any reason. Being taken away from your BMT flight and transferred to the Med Hold flight is something that is certainly hard for all trainees in that situation. In the cases of the trainee being assigned due to medical or fitness reasons you need to be supportive and help to instill a “you can do it” attitude. Trainees may want to give up and just quit. If they start exhibiting this attitude they will most likely be discharged from the Air Force. With your support, they will be able to work hard, do what they need to do and get back into the BMT pipeline so you can complete their training and graduate from BMT.

Click HERE to join our Med Hold/Get Fit group.  Please note that ONLY family members with a trainee in Med Hold are allowed.  An AFWM admin will message you prior to accepting your request.  Please be sure to check your “message requests” and “filtered requests” in your messages to ensure you see this message.