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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Form 341

Form 341

AETC Form 341 in Basic Military Training is the primary method the Air Education and Training Command uses to document discrepancies and excellence for non-prior service recruits in both basic training and Air Force Technical Schools.

At the top of the form are places for the recruit to enter his/her name, rank, and their squadron/flight information. Trainees in basic training and non-prior service airmen in technical schools must carry these forms with them at all times. As with everything in BMT, the forms will be folded a certain way and carried in a specific place. When I was in BMT we were also required to place a copy for the form at the head of our bunk after our bunk was made.

If a MTI observes a discrepancy or, less likely while in BMT, observers you doing something extremely excellent, they can “pull” a 341 from you. Then they complete the bottom of the form, documenting what they observed and returns the form to your squadron for further action (disciplinary action, chewing out, pat-on-the-back, or whatever your chain of command determines is appropriate).

It is very common for trainees to have 341’s pulled from them often, especially during the beginning of BMT. This is a training tactic that MTI’s use often. Just because a 341 is pulled, does not mean it will actually get turned in. If it does get turned in, you can expect to answer for your actions (or inactions).