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Cell Phone Policy While at BMT

Cell Phone Policy While at BMT
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Cell Phone Use in Basic Military Training (BMT)
During the 8.5 weeks while your loved one is at BMT (including WOT 8, Airmen’s Week), he/she will be authorized to use his/her cell phone or pay phones to make outgoing calls to family members. Trainees are encouraged to maintain their cell phone service while at BMT and to bring a calling card. Those arriving without phones will be provided opportunities to utilize pay phones as needed.

General Guidelines:

1. Trainees are encouraged to utilize their cell phone to notify a family member of their safe arrival at the San Antonio International Airport. Trainees will not have any specific squadron/dorm assignments at this time.

2. By Saturday of arrival week, trainees will be authorized to call and release their mailing address information posted on the safe arrival postcard (which will then be mailed to family member’s address).

3. Trainees will use cell phones only under direct supervision of a staff member.

4. Trainees are authorized access to their personal cell phones during the fourth week and the sixth week of training to firm up travel arrangements with family and guests. During the other weeks of training and based on their performance, they will have an opportunity to use their personal cell phones or pay phones to call family or friends. Additionally, trainees will be allowed to use their personal cell phones to update family and friends on any changes of training status.

***NOTE*** Calls can come any day at any time from any number.  Answer everything while your trainee is at BMT!

5. Cell phones will be used for voice conversations only. Receiving, sending, sharing, or viewing videos/pictures/text messages is strictly prohibited. Please do not send this type of information to your trainee. Violations WILL result in disciplinary actions.

6. Prior to arriving at BMT, trainees must remove all photographs or videos which are considered lewd or pornographic. Our staff will conduct a “Cell Phone Policy Briefing” during the initial health, morale, and welfare inspection. Trainees will sign a cell phone briefing roster stating they have been informed of and understand all policies associated with the use of cell phones while at BMT.

7. Your Airman will get his/her phone back right before leaving BMT for tech school.

This policy is subject to change based on the Basic Training Commander’s recommendations. All changes will be posted immediately upon his/her approval.