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Visitor Access to Lackland AFB

Visitor Access to Lackland AFB
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Check the BMT Facebook page for current gate closing information.

The 802 SFS Visitor Control Center will be relocating Visitor Control Center (VCC) from the Valley Hi VCC/Gate to Luke VCC on 24 Mar 2014.  Valley Hi VCC will no longer be open for base passes after this date.  Please visit Luke East Gate Visitors Center for anything related to base access passes.

BMT Graduation Visitor Request Procedures:

Effective 20 Mar 2014, BMT trainees will be authorized to sponsor only 10 (Ten) adult non-military affiliated family and friends to gain access to Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) Lackland during BMT graduation week activities. Each trainee will need to turn in the completed “Visitor Access Request Letter (VARL)” by Week 3. Once approved by Security Forces, trainees will mail Visitor Access Pass(es) to their guest(s). No changes will be allowed to the VARL after Week 3.

Any visitor not listed on the VARL form will require sponsorship from their Airman upon arrival or will otherwise be denied access to the installation. Note: Airmen will not be able to sponsor guests onto the installation until after the Airman’s Coin/Retreat ceremony on Thursday.

Message posted by 737 TRSS/TSOS

Click on the following link for a copy of the VARL form.

You should anticipate receiving your Visitor Access Pass around the end of the trainee’s fifth week of training. If you have not received your pass contact your trainee via mail or during authorized weekly telephone call to ensure your trainee has completed the VARL form and has mailed your Visitor Access Pass home for your visitation. If you were included on the VARL form but DID NOT receive your Visitor Access Pass, you will be allowed to go to the Luke EasT Visitor Center to get a copy of the pass.


Please contact the Basic Military Training Reception Center at (210) 671-3024 or 671-3069 if you have additional questions.

Due to the large volume of last minute visitor requests, Security Forces is unable to expedite the processing of VARLs. This is impacting the processing/delivery to future graduating flights’ VARLs for trainees to mail home. If you submit a late VARL, we cannot guarantee that passes will be ready/available for your Airman’s graduation.

Also, Security Forces is unable to conduct background checks for foreign visitors, to include residents of the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam. Visitors from the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam can report to a Visitor’s Center to attempt a background check. In the event a background check cannot be conducted and cleared, the visitor will NOT be allowed to access the installation until the graduated Airman is on Town Pass (Friday) and goes to the Visitors Reception Center to personally sponsor the visitor. (If you have a foreign visitor attending graduation, please call the BMT Reception Center at (210) 671-3024 or 671-3069, as soon as possible to secure an escort in order for that visitor to obtain base access.  Base sponsored escorts are limited in availability so call immediately to secure. ~ AFWM Team)