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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Thursday Events

Thursday Events
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Airman’s Run, Orientation Briefings, Retreat, Honor Graduate Ceremony, and Base Liberty

IMPORTANT NOTE: All BMT graduation ceremonies are held outdoors; therefore, visiting family members are urged to use caution/judgment while attending outdoor events and should prepare (i.e. dress appropriately, drinking plenty of fluids, use of sunscreen, etc…) to withstand varying temperatures (including extreme heat/cold/winds) if attending outdoor ceremonies.

We are asked a lot about what to wear to graduation and our recommendation is dress weather appropriate and comfortable.

Additionally, your Airman may experience delays in training due to unforeseen circumstances. When making travel arrangements, we suggest you purchase refundable/transferable tickets.

*PLEASE DO NOT SURPRISE YOUR AIRMAN–parents have missed their Airman an entire day because their Airman departed on pass not knowing they had visitors.

Orientation Briefings (7:00am, 9:00am): Attend either of the briefings at the Pfingston Reception Center.

Airman’s Run (8:00am): Cheer the Airmen as they run by singing ‘jodies’ in flight formation

Note: Each squadron wears a uniquely colored t-shirt. Please look below for specific squadron colors.

  • 320TRS wear Red or Black Shirts
  • 321TRS wear Dark Gray with Green Accents
  • 322TRS wear Yellow or Gold
  • 323TRS wear Tan Shirts
  • 324TRS wear Maroon Shirts
  • 326TRS wear Dark Blue Shirts
  • 331TRS wear Black Shirts

The Airman’s Run is behind the BMT RC on the Retreat Pad.  Folks line up  in a circle in the middle of the pad to catch a glimpse of their Airman as he/she runs by. The Airmen come in on the left, circle around then exit the same way they came in. Get ready to holler and cheer on your Airman!! **gentle reminder** As always be courteous of other family and friends that are trying to enjoy the Run.

This is the very first time you get to see your Airman!!! You are allowed to bring banners so that your Airman can see you as they run by.

{Info on Banners and Signs here!} {Info on Shirts here!}

The Airmen wear a matching shirt that is only available for sale while supplies last at the mini-mall. It’s a great souvenir/keepsake.

Honor Graduate Ceremony (10:45am): The Commander of Basic Military Training invites honor graduates and their families to a special ceremony in their honor prior to the start of the Airman’s Coin Ceremony.

Airman’s Coin Ceremony (11:00am) followed immediately by Retreat – in which we pay tribute to the flag. Meet with your Airman immediately afterwards. {Read about Tapping Out here.} Most Airmen are released for Base Liberty immediately following the ceremonies. (Some Airmen may have limited visitation due to training requirements.)

This is when you are able to get the best (((HUGS))) ever! There is a map in the BMT Reception Center which outlines where your Airman will be standing. I would advise getting to your seats early so you have the best possible spot to see your Airman.

Airman, Spouse and Parent Orientation (1:00pm): This orientation, which takes place at the Pfingston Reception Center Auditorium, provides information on tech training, pay, entitlements, benefits, and available services.

Buffet Dinner Opportunity (12:00pm-7:30pm): at Gateway Club. Airmen pay discounted price. Visitors pay full price.

End of Liberty (8:00pm): Airmen due back in their dormitory. Your Airman’s commander or military training instructor may impose an earlier return time.

Here’s a link to our page with the maps to Lackland.

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