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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Live Stream Graduation Parade

Live Stream Graduation Parade
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Weekly live stream of U.S. Air Force Basic Military Training Graduation Ceremony. Each week an average of 600 men and women graduate Basic Military Training. This stream is provided for those family members who can’t travel to attend the ceremony. Please note that only the Graduation Parade on Friday is live streamed, not the Airman’s Run or Coin Ceremony on Thursday.  Here’s the link to the Graduation Parade Ustream:
Click Here

The streaming begins at 9am CDT on Friday, if enough personnel are available to man the equipment.  Please note that the live stream sometimes does not work.  Issues such as weather and technical problems can cause it to glitch or not be streamed live at all.  In these instances, BMT does try to put a recording of the Graduation Parade on the Ustream channel later in the day, although that’s not guaranteed.

Any further questions or inquiries needs to be directed to the USAF BMT facebook page.