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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

Friday Events

Friday Events
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Orientation Briefing, Parade, Open House, and Town Pass

Orientation Briefing (7:15am): Reception Center. You do not have to attend Friday’s Orientation Briefing if you have already attended an Orientation Briefing on Thursday. The same topics are discussed during both Briefings.

Handicap Plus One Transportation to Parade Ground (7:15am-8:30am): Buses depart Pfingston Reception Center for easy access to the parade grounds for all Handicapped guests PLUS one person to assist them.  Pick up is in the cul-de-sac.  Limited parking is available to visitors at the parade grounds so plan on leaving early.

Graduation Parade (9:00am): Watch Airmen “Pass In Review” and reaffirm their “Oath of Enlistment” at graduation parade; Airmen are released for base liberty and may take photographs by historical aircraft positioned around the parade field.

Return Bus (Handicap Visitor Plus One to Assist) (9:45am): Buses transporting visitors who are handicapped depart the parade ground for the Pfingston Reception Center.  All other visitors will walk or drive back to the Reception Center.

Squadron Open House (10:15-11:15am): Visit your Airman’s dormitory; parking in squadrons is prohibited.

Town Pass (Airmen are released immediately following conclusion of Squadron Open House.)

Note: Airmen must remain in the San Antonio metropolitan area, but may visit Sea World, Fiesta Texas and family/friends near local military installations to include Randolph AFB. Airmen must coordinate exceptions to this limitation through their Training Squadron Leadership. Airmen are also prohibited from visiting the ‘off-limits’ establishments discussed during their Town Pass briefing. A listing of these establishments is also displayed on their dormitory bulletin board.

Lunch Opportunity (11:00-1:30pm): Visit Gateway Club for lunch buffet. Airmen pay discounted price while their visitors pay full price.

End of Liberty (8:00pm): Airmen are due back in their dormitory.

Sometimes there are sporting events (hockey, basketball, etc. depending on the season) and on a Friday or Saturday the airmen could be allowed to watch the game. Now, your airman will already be briefed about it beforehand, and most likely THEY will sign their name up to be able to go out one of these nights (Note: if there are events on both Friday and Sat. night, they can’t attend both- they have to pick one.)

When I went to Lackland, my airman was allowed to go to a hockey game on Fri night, and be back the dorm before 10-11pm. (A couple extra hours after the normal 8pm curfew.)

Just because your airman told his TI (or whomever) he wants to go does not mean he has a ticket. The family and airmen still have to purchase their own tickets. Often times there are military discounts for certain seats, or you could just buy the ‘cheap seats.’ Ask around for where to purchase them- (We just purchased at the main gate at the AT&T Center.

Your TI might ask your airman to show proof that he was at a game. Keep the ticket stub. Don’t try to pull a fast one and just “buy” a ticket and skip the game; cashing in on extra time with your airman. There have been horror stories where a airman was caught doing this and recycled 8 weeks back. It’s not worth the risk.

***Weekly live stream of U.S. Air Force Basic Military Training Graduation Ceremony. Each week an average of 600 men and women graduate Basic Military Training. This stream is provided for those family members who can’t travel to attend the ceremony. Here’s the link:
Click Here
The streaming begins at 9am CDT on Friday, if enough personnel are available to man the equipment.
Any further questions or inquiries needs to be directed to the USAF BMT facebook page