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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

AFWM Cornerstone Statement

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Dear AFWM Family Member(s),


AF WingMoms (AFWM) is the largest unofficial group that provides positive support & encouragement for those with a loved one in BMT (Basic Military Training) for the USAF. This forum was created as a place for all who have an interest to gather for information, news and support of themselves and their Airman Basic Trainee. We stand by and steadfastly adhere to the same core values as our US Airmen; Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do.

AFWM is committed to transparency as a Texas State regulated non-profit corporation and adhere to Texas Statute 501c3. We are held to the same standard of operation and tax reporting as any not for profit organization is required under both federal and state law. We staunchly adhere to all requirements dictated by government and endeavor to remain above reproach.

Our primary objective is to provide Positive Support and Encouragement (PS&E) for our USAF service men & women to prepare for their BMT journey and provide accurate information with an abundance of positive support and encourage for those whose loved one has embarked on the great journey of Basic Military Training.

Donation options are available to our AFWM family for those who have the means and desire to “pay it forward”.  While any donation is very much appreciated, it is not required to receive the benefits of the AFWM PS&E and information as you travel your BMT journey. AFWM is consistent in our commitment to maintaining our extraordinary service to our US Air Force family without expectation of monetary compensation.   Our hand-picked team of volunteers proudly and selflessly donate their time and knowledge to assist our family members throughout their BMT journey and uphold the core values of AFWM. Our founder and creator Lisa Ramirez Haar is the Executive Director of AFWM and does receive a limited compensation after all financial obligations have been met. This reported income enables Lisa to travel to MEPs throughout the Texas region spreading the AFWM word, network with like-minded organizations to enhance and expand our support base as well as minimal compensation for her tireless hours of dedication to the AFWM community and our USAF community.  Prior to receiving any compensation, Lisa Ramirez Haar and the Board of Directors ensure that we tend to the fiscal needs and responsibilities of donations, taxes, licensing, and overhead such the expenses associated with the domain for our website.

In addition to participating and making donations for the benefit of our USAF community, AFWM is a proud supporter of the USO and those currently facing setbacks while in Med Hold. This includes and is not limited to providing funding for the purchase of College Level Examination Program (CLEP) materials for our heroes who have answered the call to serve in the world’s greatest Air Force. Most recently AFWM partnered with The Fired Up Chief (CMSgt Juan Lewis) in an effort to provide additional morale boosters for those in Med Hold. Our heroes mentioned they wanted a bass guitar for their monthly talent shows and additional CLEP study materials to take advantage of educational opportunities. We are pleased to acknowledge through a collaboration of our group members, CMSgt Lewis, & AFWM, not only were we effective in our endeavor of collecting $1,000 in donations for these men and women facing potential life altering challenges, we exceeded our goal within a short 12 day period!

AFWM will forever remain unwavering in its commitment to you, our group members, and continue to nobly support our troops.  With that; please feel free to forward any further comments through private Facebook message to Lisa Ramirez Haar and/or your TRS administrators.

Respectfully and supportively yours,

Lisa Ramirez Haar & AF WingMom Team


Proudly Serving the United States Air Force Families Through Positive Support, Encouragement & Education