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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT


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When do they start getting phone calls?

Based BMT’s call policy, Trainees will be allowed to call home only during WOT 4 and WOT 6 of training.  Any other calls would be at the discretion of the MTI and are not guaranteed.  Please be advised that calls could come at ANY time on ANY day and please do not make the mistake of assuming your Trainee will only call at a certain time or day. Many have missed precious phone calls because they weren’t expecting a call.

What is a TRS?

Click here for Common Terms and Abbreviations that you’ll see used here and on the Facebook page.

What is my Airman doing this week?

Click here to read about each WOT.

What if there’s an emergency?

I hope you never have an emergency but in the event that you do here is the Red Cross Information.
The American Red Cross links members of the U.S. Armed Forces with their families during a crisis. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, the Red Cross quickly sends emergency communications to service members on behalf of their family. Military members can have peace of mind knowing that when they are on a mission, in training or stationed far from home-and leaving cell phones and emails behind-they are still connected to home.
In case of family emergencies contact your local Red Cross to make contact. (The American Red Cross web site is located at http://www.redcross.org/) Emergencies include:

  • Death in the immediate family.
  • Serious illness in the immediate family.
  • Birth announcement (wife of trainee)

How to contact the Red Cross for assistance: Call (877) 272-7337 (toll-free) if you are an Active duty service member stationed in the United States, or a family member residing with them. You can also contact your local Red Cross Chapter which is listed in your local telephone directory. When calling the Red Cross be prepared to provide the following information about the Service Member as is known:

  • Full Name
  • Rank/Rating
  • Branch of Service
  • Social Security Number or Date of Birth
  • Military Address

What if it rains?

They have plans in place to hold the Coin Ceremony under the drill pad at their Squadron (TRS) if it rains hard. The Airman’s Run has been cancelled a few times and they have raincoats for the grad Ceremony on Friday (unless it is a downpour, then at the squadrons). They will announce at the briefings of changes. Here’s a link to weather in San Antonio.

Can I stay on base? What about area hotels?

If you are wanting to stay on base the key thing to remember is that base lodging is primarily for active duty military members on orders however, they do allow civilians to book a room. Here’s more info on how to do it.

How do I get around San Antonio/Lackland?

If you’d like to stay at an area hotel we recommend that you check out www.bmtfamilytravel.com and that you utilize www.tripadvisor.com to read reviews/recommendations. We understand folks have different expectations and needs and we feel that it’s best to suggest using Trip Advisor to get more reviews/recommendations of the accommodations. Look through this category for more travel info.

Information on wheelchairs is available here.

What do I wear to the Thursday events?

Many choose to wear a t-shirt the same color as the TRS that their loved one is in. It really doesn’t matter what you wear as long as it’s weather appropriate and comfortable. If you are wearing a specific shirt just let your Trainee know so that he/she can “look” for you. Here’s a link to a topic on shirts.

What time should I arrive on base?

We recommend arriving very early, maybe as early as 6 to be sure you are able to get through the gate and park etc. and not be rushed.

Where do I get banners?

Check this page for links and info.

Where do I stand for the Airman’s Run and where do I sit for the Coin Ceremony?

For the Airman’s Run, it is held on the same Retreat Pad as the Coin Ceremony. The Retreat Pad is located behind the BMT Reception Center. Visitors can choose to stand in the middle of the Pad or sit in the bleachers for the Airman’s Run. The cutoff time for standing in the middle of the Pad is 7:40 am so plan on getting to your position early. Please be mindful of others trying to enjoy the run.

For the Coin Ceremony you will be given a map of where your Airman is standing and you usually sit in bleachers close to where they are standing.

Do we have to take the dorm tour?

We would advise you to ask your Airman regarding that.

What is an Airman?

Air Force Doctrine Document 1-1 defines “airman” as “any US Air Force member (officer or enlisted, active, reserve, or guard, along with Department of the Air Force civilians) who supports and defends the US Constitution and serves our country. Air Force Airmen are those people who formally belong to the US Air Force and employ or support some aspect of the US Air Force’s air and space power capabilities. An Airman is any person who understands and appreciates the full range of air and space power capabilities and can employ or support some aspect of air and space power capabilities.”


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