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PS&E for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT

About AFWM

About AFWM
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We are the largest Non-Official support group for Air Force Basic Military Training!

AFWingMoms was created for all families and friends of future and/or present Air Force Basic Trainees. On this site you will find a vast amount of information and we highly encourage you take your time to read everything so you will have a better understanding of what to expect and how to make the whole AFWM experience even better. And remember… WE ARE NOT JUST FOR MOMS!!

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT the Air Force! But many of us here can say that we’ve been there and done that.

Thank you for joining Air Force Wing Moms (AFWM)!

Who and what is AF WingMoms? We are YOU. We are the largest Non-Official support group made up of family members and friends of those that are experiencing or have experienced Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT). We have come together in a positive effort to assist ourselves and others get through BMT with the help of social networking on this page. Here, you will find others who, like you, are seeking and sharing information, helpful hints, suggestions, along with stories and photos. Hopefully we are able to help you with your anxiety and questions. Again we are NOT the AF but many of us here can say that we’ve been there & done that.

AFWingMoms is the largest non-official support group providing positive support & encouragement for those with a loved one in the USAF BMT. ♥

Air Force WingMoms is a non-official group that provides positive support & encouragement for those with loved one in BMT (Basic Military Training) for the USAF. This forum was created as a place for all who have an interest to gather for information, news and support of themselves and their Airman Basic Trainee.


We are here to provide our future and current members with a place where candidates, families, loved ones and friends can find information, support, and resources to help cope and to better understand the Basic Military Training process in a positive environment.

The Best thing about the group is the people! This is a forum that contains both people with experience in the process and others who are just starting out- but they all have a dedication to providing positive support and encouragement for every Airman Basic Trainee and their families, so as to make their Basic Military Training a success.

AF WingMoms is a source of comfort for many and helps them feel like they aren’t facing a new situation alone. It helps them discover that there are others out there with the same questions and concerns. We offer resources and people who can help provide answers, advice and encouragement to those who are new to the process of converting a recruit candidate into a graduated Airman in the United States Air Force.

This is place where YOU can find information and resources to help you while you’re on the BMT journey. It’s a place to share stories, network with others in an effort to support & encourage each other and increase awareness and support for our awesome Air Force! The best thing about the group is the people! We’ve got people with a lot of experience and some who are just starting out and everything in between.

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